Excess toilet paper, clogged pipes, overflowing toilets, and bad smells are all too common encounters for those who clean and maintain restrooms. Bionetix® International is working to change that by introducing a revolutionary bio-enzymatic “paper-eating” solution called PAPERATOR!

paper eating solution

The new PAPERATOR contains specialized probiotics and enzymes that efficiently break down cellulose-based materials frequently found in toilet paper, seat covers, and paper towels. This action significantly reduces the risk of paper clogging pipes and sewer systems and leading to expensive plumbing interventions. It also speeds up the overall organic waste digestion process, cutting down on bad odors in the meantime. Better yet, by harnessing the technology of nature, PAPERATOR™ presents a sustainable solution that does not harm plumbing or septic systems. 

PAPERATOR™ is especially suited to use at events and facilities that serve a high density of people. Hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafes, office buildings, event centers, and other locations with public restroom facilities can all benefit from the paper-digesting action of PAPERATOR™ to counteract paper overload from heavy use or improper paper product disposal etiquette.Application is as simple as dissolving a water-soluble pouch of PAPERATOR™ in water and flushing the solution down the toilet once a month.

To show how quickly and effectively PAPERATOR™ works, one Bionetix® distributor filled two jars with water and placed four sheets of pink toilet paper in each. PAPERATOR™ was also added to one of the jars, and the next morning, the water in the treated jar was much clearer with significantly less paper residue. Bionetix® also tested PAPERATOR™ on bathroom tissue, a toilet seat cover, a paper kitchen towel, and pieces of cardboard. After only two hours, the toilet paper and toilet seat cover were almost completely disintegrated. The paper towel had also begun to disintegrate around the edges. After 18 hours, the cardboard sample had started to show digestion and was already separated into smaller parts. Results were expected to continue improving with time. Similar benefits await cleaning professionals and facility owners interested in taking advantage of PAPERATOR in their own restrooms and septic systems. Say goodbye to constant toilet paper clogging by contacting Bionetix® to try PAPERATOR, one of the most cost-effective “paper-eating” products on the market today! 

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*Note: PAPERATOR™ is not intended for treatment of non-biodegradable materials, plastics, or substances that could disrupt wastewater treatment processes.

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