In an era when there are increasing safety concerns over the use of antibiotics and the appearance of chemical residues in fish, meat, and milk, livestock producers need more natural alternative strategies to improve animal health and productivity.

Bionetix® Direct Fed Microbials can be added to animal feed to encourage a positive effect on overall animal health, welfare, and performance.

Probiotics for Animals

Probiotics have become a popular supplement for humans, with the goal of promoting intestinal health and boosting one’s immune system to fight disease. In a similar way, microbials can be added to animal feed to encourage positive health benefits in swine, dairy cows, poultry, and aquaculture species.

Bionetix® Direct Fed Microbials are available in the form of AQUA-FEED, DAIRY-FEED, POULTRY-FEED, and SWINE-FEED. These animal feeds include a variety of components such as bacillus, lactic acid bacteria, living saccharomyces cerevisiae, fermentation extracts, β glucans, and mannan oligosaccharides, all intended to promote the health of the animals that consume them. Exciting results have been seen, for example, in shrimp known to have better average gain than normal and a higher survival rate when fed with AQUA-FEED. In another case, a reduced ammonia smell in excrements of cows fed with DAIRY-FEED was also noted.

Promote Livestock Health Naturally

The potential for Bionetix® Direct Fed Microbials is exciting because they promote livestock health in a natural way. Rather than relying on antibiotics and growth hormones, Bionetix® Direct Fed Microbials promote a healthier microbial environment in the gut, which can naturally lead to a variety of health benefits.

Our expanding network of distribution partners permits us to offer product and sales support around the globe. Just contact us whenever you need us! Let us help you promote livestock health naturally with Bionetix® Direct Fed Microbials!

(IMPORTANT: Bionetix® Direct Fed Microbials animal feed products are not sold or available in Canada. FOR EXPORT ONLY.)