Bionetix® agricultural treatments help farmers and landscapers grow higher quality crops and have greener fairways while reducing environmental impact, chemical dependency, and input costs.

Microorganisms and Nutrients at Work

Bionetix® agricultural treatments contain a variety of root-colonizing plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), fungi, enzymes, and nutrients that can naturally increase yield and improve the health of crops independently of harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

PGPR increase plant growth through several mechanisms, including the supply of nutrients to plants.

Fungi can form a symbiotic relationship with roots, increasing their ability to absorb nutrients and water, causing roots to grow longer and decreasing plant stress in drought conditions.

In addition, microorganisms and their enzymes break down organics in the soil, creating a natural fertilizer that increases nutrient availability. This also improves the soil structure, making it more stable with finer aggregates to increase the soil’s oxygen content. Biodegradation also speeds up the breakdown of thatch, creating healthier turf for lawns, sod, and fairways.

Biostimulants provide supplemental nutrients that support a healthy microbial population and soil profile and cannot always be found in commercial fertilizers.

These combined factors work to promote healthier plants and larger crop yields.

Successful Field Trial

The use of ORGANIC-PLUS and SOIL-BAC on a soybean field trial showed a marked advantage in crop health compared to untreated fields, even in drought conditions.  This is because Bionetix® agricultural treatments enhance the natural growth processes of plants and can also improve soil composition. Microorganisms, fungi, and nutrients help plants get the resources they need and accelerate breakdown of organic materials.

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