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You have come to the right place for excellent resources to help you put natural cleanup, waste treatment, and agricultural solutions into action!


Our growing library of case histories gives you real life examples of how Bionetix® natural technologies are making a positive impact around the globe. These stories cover a broad range of industries—from aquaculture, to cleaning, to waste treatment.

Learn about soil bioremediation in Croatia or grease trap odor control at a restaurant in Russia. Find out how Bionetix® biologicals have been enhancing soybean crop growth in Japan or improving water clarity at a golf course in Chile. Read about Bionetix® reducing maintenance costs for a private septic tank owner in the United States and improving biogas production at a Japanese power plant. Discover the potential of bioaugmentation to reduce wastewater contaminant levels as seen in Bionetix® trials with automotive wastewater in Mexico and pig farm wastewater in Europe.

These case histories will give you the vision for what you can accomplish through natural biotechnology. They will also provide excellent examples for potential users seeking natural solutions. We welcome you to get your own story in print, by submitting your experience here, as well!


Dig deeper into Bionetix® technology by visiting our publications page, where you can find white papers on the subject of biotechnology.


“International” is part of our name and a good description of who we are. Whatever continent you find yourself on—North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia—we are at your service to supply the natural solutions you need. Visit our international page to get connected with your nearest representative and to view a variety of product data sheets translated into different languages.


Bionetix® periodically participates in tradeshows at various locations in Europe and the Americas. These are great opportunities to connect with Bionetix® representatives and talk face to face about natural biological solutions for your application. Check our tradeshow schedule to see if Bionetix® will be travelling to a convention near you, and then contact us to let us know you are coming. We are eager to connect with you in person!