Various micro- and macro-nutrient blends have been specially selected for their abilities to enhance biological activity in soil and water systems. While microorganisms feed off of contaminants, they also require a variety of macro- and micro-nutrients, co-metabolites, and natural growth factors in order to flourish. All these substances can be added to increase their concentration and boost microorganism growth.

Supplying Needed Oxygen

A key component to good biodegradation in ponds, lagoons, wastewater, and soil is to have a good supply of oxygen. Sometimes lagoons lack enough oxygen to support the healthy metabolism of existing microorganisms. Adding an oxygen booster promotes aerobic conditions in ponds and wastewater. During wastewater treatment, it boosts the growth of biomass, which degrades contaminants and overabundant nutrients. In decorative and aquaculture ponds it promotes water clarity, lowers BOD, and reduces nutrient pollution (a common cause of excess algae growth). It also accelerates the oxidation of odorous chemicals that form in anaerobic conditions.

A Full Range of Micro- and Macro-Nutrients

While some commercial fertilizers have a few minerals in addition to nitrogen and phosphorous, none of them contain all of the compounds (such as cofactors and vitamins) that bacteria require for complete growth. Bionetix® supplies both macro- and micro-nutrient blends to support the growth and activity of pre-existing microbial populations and those added through bioaugmentation. One special blend contains a full range of 14 ingredients including micro-nutrients, co-metabolites, natural growth factors, vitamins, and key amino acids to promote excellent growth.

Replacing Chemical Dispersants with Natural Plant Surfactants

Bionetix® offers natural plant surfactants as an excellent alternative to commonly used synthetic surfactants and dispersants. When sprayed onto oil slicks or spills, these plant surfactants naturally disperse hydrocarbons, making them more available to natural microorganisms that will biodegrade the contaminants.

Natural Odor Inhibitors and Compost Accelerators

Bionetix® also offers biostimulants that inhibit odor-causing anaerobic processes and provide a feed source to accelerate the compost action of aerobic bacteria.

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