Bionetix® supplies a variety of biological products that are selected to meet the bioaugmentation needs of specific industries.

Private Labeling

The market for environmentally friendly private label biological products is growing! Industries and individuals are looking for safer, more natural ways to clean up waste, boost agriculture, control odor, manage septic systems and drains, and reduce negative industrial discharge. The possibilities are numerous:

  • Powerful biological laundry detergents
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Natural odor controls
  • Livestock immune boosters
  • BOD reducers
  • And much, much more!

Whatever the target industry or home sphere, Bionetix® puts nature to work for you and your customers. In fact, many global companies with name recognition already rely on Bionetix® for environmentally-friendly private label solutions.

Oil & Gas Cleanup Solutions

Large quantities of petroleum wastes are introduced into the environment during exploration and production. These mainly include wastes related to

  • Drilling
  • Oil production
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Transport and storage

With spills and leaks occurring in the course of everyday industrial activity, soil, groundwater, river, lake, and ocean contamination is a real threat, raising health hazards and endangering the ecosystem. Fortunately, petroleum products are susceptible to natural microbial activity, making them an excellent target for bioremediation!

When you spill or have trouble with wastewater treatment or equipment cleaning, Bionetix® has the environmentally friendly solutions to help you clean up without the hassle, hazards, and high costs of traditional treatment. Your present treatment will be enhanced, and you may not require a landfill, chemical extraction, excavation, and incineration. Once the waste is treated and the contamination is neutralized or removed, the waste itself can be recycled.

Aquaculture Solutions

The aquaculture market has been growing at impressive rates in recent years, which is expected with our growing population. That’s why safer and more renewable technologies are needed in the industry. Supplying fish sustainably is a challenge as ponds and hatcheries are easily contaminated with organic waste from shells, fecal matter, and other pollutants. These contaminants reduce the levels of oxygen and produce ammonia and other gases that are harmful to species and lead to disease. Excessive and irresponsible harvesting can create large scale disease outbreaks, such as early mortality syndrome seen in recent years in some parts of the world.

Bionetix® International uses natural solutions to improve health of both the aquatic species and the pond. Biological nutrients and stimulants can be combined with natural bacteria to increase pond clarity, reduce toxins, and improve water pH. Natural feed additives work as probiotics to support the immune mechanism in fish, shrimp, and other aquatic species against disease. These biological solutions work to lower mortality, improve health, and increase yields of aquatic livestock—without the use of antibiotics or harmful chemicals.

Food Industry Solutions

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a huge problem for the small- and large-scale food industry, resulting in high waste treatment fees and bad odors. Unfortunately, the heavy use of disinfectants to kill harmful bacteria and keep food processes clean simultaneously destroys good bacteria. This robs facilities of biological mechanisms that would otherwise aid the natural waste digestion process of food wastes in grease traps, drains, lagoons, and aerotanks during water and solid waste treatment.

Bionetix® breaks this vicious cycle by introducing positive bacteria and nutrient stimulation to replenish healthy microorganisms in the natural waste treatment process. These biological treatments decrease BOD levels, therefore enhancing effluent water quality, reducing odors and grease buildup, and improving the flow of clogged drains for more efficient and lower cost waste treatment.

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