In a world full of pollution, many are looking for safer, more natural ways to clean up and promote the health of the environment. Bionetix® International makes this possible through biological treatments using a variety of microorganisms and nutrients to stimulate contaminant biodegradation to promote healthier, cleaner environments in countless applications. The possibilities are numerous:

  • Powerful biological industrial and institutional cleaners
  • Natural odor controls
  • Livestock feed additives
  • COD/BOD reducers
  • And much, much more!

Bionetix® allows you to make successful biological treatments a reality. Imagine the following possibilities:

  • Cleaning up oil spills without synthetic surfactants
  • Replacing harsh cleaning chemicals with natural biologicals that boost cleaning power
  • Keeping drains free flowing with less clogging and odor 
  • Solving grease trap overload problems
  • Restoring the balance in wastewater treatment systems after plant upsets
  • Helping industrial plants meet allowed discharge limits to lower waste treatment fees
  • Promoting healthier septic systems to reduce sludge and pumping frequency
  • Improving pond clarity for better aesthetics and water quality
  • Boosting crop yields
  • Increasing aquaculture survival rates
  • Reducing odor problems in portable toilets and industrial waste

All of the above have been and can be achieved through the use of natural biotreatment products available from Bionetix®.

Bionetix® biological solutions have been used in countless applications around the world since 1996. Today, many global companies with name recognition rely on Bionetix® for environmentally friendly private label solutions. An expanding library of case histories demonstrates how Bionetix® biologicals have been successfully used for a variety of purposes including waste treatment, agricultural enhancement, landscape pond cleanup, drain maintenance, soil bioremediation, and more!

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Bioaugmentation, bioremediation, bio-stimulation, and biological cleaning products answer a growing market demand to rehabilitate areas contaminated by pollutants (or otherwise damaged through ecosystem mismanagement), enhance the health of agriculture and livestock, and provide natural cleaning solutions.

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Waste Treatment

Bionetix® helps wastewater treatment plants function more efficiently and avoid plant upsets or imbalances by providing a tailored approach to supplementing microorganisms in the system.

Industrial and Institutional

Bionetix® offers a diverse portfolio of products for industrial and institutional odor control, hard surface cleaning, drain maintenance, septic treatment, grease trap management, and even restroom cleaning!

Additives and Concentrates

Manufacturers of cleaners, odor control, and waste treatment products can add natural power to their formulations by adding Bionetix® additives and concentrates.


Bionetix® agricultural treatments help farmers and landscapers grow higher quality crops and have greener fairways while reducing environmental impact, chemical dependency, and input costs.

Animal Feed

Bionetix® Direct Fed Microbials can be added to animal feed to encourage a positive effect on overall animal health, welfare, and performance.


Bionetix® offers natural plant surfactants as an excellent alternative to commonly used synthetic surfactants and dispersants.

Specialty Industries

Bionetix® supplies a variety of biological products that are selected to meet the bioaugmentation needs of specific industries.