The use of microorganisms to degrade waste is an established practice in wastewater treatment plants. However, the population of naturally occurring microorganisms is sometimes unable to keep up with the waste supply. A sudden surge in contaminants or filamentous bacteria can overload a system. Cold weather can slow microbial activity, decelerating waste degradation. A low oxygen supply can also hinder efficient treatment processes and increase odors.

Adding targeted microorganisms and biostimulants during wastewater treatment, more often during secondary stages, supports the growth of a healthy microbial population that can keep up with the supply of contaminants and restore system balance.


Bionetix® helps wastewater treatment plants function more efficiently and avoid plant upsets or imbalances by providing a tailored approach to supplementing microorganisms in the system. For example, specialized microbes that tolerate cool temperatures can be used to boost efficiency during cold weather or early spring startups. A shock dose of biological products can be added to correct plant upsets. Regular maintenance doses can be used to keep the system in healthy balance and reduce sludge buildup over time.


Bionetix® can help industries meet their allowable discharge amount to avoid extra fees for releasing high levels of contaminated wastewater. Chemical plants, food processing operations, oil refineries, and automotive facilities can cut down on their levels of BOD by regularly adding Bionetix® biologicals to their wastewater before it leaves the plant. Institutions can also improve drain flow and grease trap efficiency with Bionetix® biologicals that cut down on odors and speed up the breakdown of tough contaminants such as fats, oils, and greases (FOG).

Bionetix® supplies a wide variety of biological waste treatment products that can be targeted to specific types of waste or contaminant buildup problems for maximum effectiveness. Contact your Bionetix® representative for more information and to build the right treatment plan for your waste system.