BIOBOOSTER-SR sludge reducer


Product Description

BCL6000™ is a blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms in liquid form. It is effective in degrading many types of wastes and is especially useful when automatic pumping is needed. BCL6000™ improves treatment plant performance while reducing unpleasant odors, BOD, and foam. In addition to microorganisms, the blend contains free enzymes, nutrients, and a source of oxygen.

Packaging and Storage

Available in 4×4 L, 20.37 kg, 208.82 kg, and custom packaging. Store in a cool, dry location. Packaging must be kept intact, dry, and away from sunlight. Please follow the recommendations and use the product before the best before date. Contact Bionetix® with questions. Avoid inhalation and eye contact. Avoid excessive skin contact.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves effluent quality
  • Reduces BOD
  • Reduces unpleasant odors
  • Reduces plant upsets from shocks
  • Improves sludge settling
  • Convenient for automatic pumping

Typical Applications

  • Wastewater lagoons
  • Aerobic digesters
  • SBRs (sequencing batch reactors)
  • MBBRs (moving bed biofilm reactors)
  • Other biological units

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For SDS information, please contact Bionetix® at [email protected]

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