Speeds up degradation of oils and fats in grease traps

Product Description

ECO-TRAP is a grease trap treatment containing specialty additives that loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, thereby speeding up their degradation. ECO-TRAP reduces oil and fat accumulation, prevents emergency blockages, and reduces BOD and bad odors.

ECO-TRAP is available in liquid (L), powder (P), and solid (BLOC) versions. It can be applied directly to the grease trap, added through kitchen sinks and floor drains, or pumped directly into drains (in liquid form) via specially-installed pumps. It is most effective when applied at the end of the day, giving bacteria more time to work. ECO-TRAP P water-soluble pouches may be directly inserted into the grease trap or previously dissolved in water before applying to the grease trap. ECO-TRAP BLOC can be added directly to the grease trap, submerged in water in a less turbulent area but not a dead spot.

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