An oxygen source to promote aerobic conditions, treat bad odors, and accelerate digestion

Product Description

AEROBOOSTER-O2 provides a slow-release supply of oxygen to promote aerobic conditions in ponds and wastewater. A key component to good biodegradation in ponds, lagoons, wastewater, and soil is to have a good supply of oxygen. Sometimes lagoons lack enough oxygen to support the healthy metabolism of existing microorganisms. Adding an oxygen booster promotes aerobic conditions. During wastewater treatment, it boosts the growth of biomass, which degrades contaminants and overabundant nutrients. In decorative and aquaculture ponds it promotes water clarity, lowers BOD, and reduces nutrient pollution (a common cause of excess algae growth). AEROBOOSTER-O2 also fights bad odors by accelerating the oxidation of odorous chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other chemicals that form in anaerobic conditions. AEROBOOSTER-O2 is stable in storage, easy to use, and can be handled without risks (use of gloves and glasses is recommended).

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