PRESS RELEASE: Unlock Your Manufacturing Potential with the Power of ECL1000™ Amylase!

While many of us mainly think of starch in connection with food, this complex carbohydrate has more industrial uses than we often realize. A critical key to unlocking its benefits is amylase, an enzyme that breaks starch into smaller molecules for further use or removal. Due to the widespread use and benefits of amylase, Bionetix® is pleased to introduce ECL1000™ as the second in its new line of liquid enzyme concentrates.


How Does ECL1000™ Work?

ECL1000™ is a high efficiency amylase enzyme produced by non-pathogenic bacteria. It breaks starches into low molecular weight fermentable sugars such as glucose or dextrin. This process creates smaller components that serve as critical building blocks for other products or which can be more easily digested as a food source. The same process can be used to remove starch molecules where they are no longer wanted. Amylase has been in use for centuries, and today, its benefits extend to the following industries:

• Food and beverage production
• Feed manufacturing
• Ethanol production
• Textile finishing
• Laundry

Simplifying Starch for Further Use

In the food and beverage industry, starch breakdown with ECL1000™ can be used to improve the texture of baked goods and clarify beverages. This ability to break down starch also makes ECL1000™ a good choice as either a pretreatment for animal feed or a feed additive to help livestock get the most out of substances that may be difficult for them to fully digest. Because ECL1000™ helps convert starch into fermentable sugars, it is essential for ethanol production, which relies heavily on starch due to pricing and availability.

Removing Starch

In some applications, starch is only desired temporarily or not at all. When this is the case, ECL1000 comes in handy for its ability to remove starchy substances. For instance, the textile industry uses starch to strengthen fabrics during weaving and sizing but must remove it later. ECL1000™ provides the liquefaction needed to loosen the starch so it can be carried away. Amylase performs a similar function in many laundry detergents, where it is used to enhance stain removal. ECL1000™ can therefore be a good addition to detergents or stain removal products because of its ability to digest starchy substances that attract dirt, and because it can directly target starchy stains from cocoa, gravy, potatoes, and other high starch foods. 

Unlock Your Manufacturing Potential

Starch is an important raw material that touches many parts of our everyday lives and represents a major source of renewable energy. However, its potential cannot fully be tapped without the ability to simplify its complex structure. ECL1000™ is one key to unlock that door to better starch utilization and removal. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about ECL1000 for starch liquefaction.

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PRESS RELEASE: Add Probiotics to Your Toilet Cleaning Routine!

Cleaning toilet bowls is not a welcome task for most people, but it must be done for good hygiene and aesthetics in home bathrooms and public restrooms. The good news is that this chore has just gotten more exciting and effective thanks to Bionetix® International’s probiotic cleaner for toilets!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner + Probiotics

ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ is a toilet bowl cleaning tablet that adds probiotics to a septic safe cleaning formulation. Initial cleaning action cleans grime and efficiently targets and removes stains including limescale and rust. ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ neutralizes unpleasant odors and leaves behind a fresh clean scent. But it does not stop there.

ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ is a toilet bowl cleaning tablet that adds probiotics to a septic safe cleaning formulation.

Leave Behind More Than a Fresh Fragrance

ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ toilet cleaning tablets are enriched with beneficial probiotics that boost the toilet’s microbial ecosystem—similar to building a healthy microbiota in the human gut by eating probiotic foods and supplements. When applied to the toilet, the beneficial microorganisms of ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ like to hang around and start building colonies in the bowl, drain, and septic system. These colonies feed on the plentiful organic matter along this path of waste disposal. By doing so, they have many positive ongoing effects, such as

  •  Reducing a food source for harmful bacteria
  • Consuming odor-causing substances
  • Decreasing the buildup of grime and dirt
  • Improving drain flow and septic tank conditions

Easy to Use Toilet Tablets

Better yet, ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ tablets are easy to use. Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl and allow it to fizz and dissolve before flushing the toilet. No scrubbing is required, although a toilet brush can be used for additional cleaning if desired.

Effective Cleaning

Although ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ tablets are great for use in homes with septic systems because they lack harsh chemicals that would normally harm the microbial ecosystem, they are also an excellent choice for institutional use, coming in packs of 300 tablets per pail. Furthermore, they make an ideal option for cleaning and custodial services that need industrial strength cleaning products but also want to present an environmentally responsible image.

Make Probiotics Work for You

Microorganisms are so small that we don’t see them, but we are affected by them in many ways every day. ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ captures the positive side of beneficial bacteria for lasting effects in restroom maintenance. Contact Bionetix® today to learn more about adding probiotics to your cleaning routine!

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PRESS RELEASE: Probiotics for Homeowners: Boost Your Cleanup Power!


Usually when someone says “probiotics,” it brings to mind health food supplements to boost immunities and digestive health. Interestingly, however, the benefits of “good” bacteria go far beyond diet. In fact, their digestive action makes them an excellent addition to standard home cleaning and maintenance supplies, as Bionetix® outlines in the suggestions below.

General Cleaning

Probiotic cleaners contain beneficial microorganisms that help digest organic residues such as grease, proteins, and starches that soil and stain surfaces. Bionetix® International’s ECO-CLEANALL TABS™ combine these biologicals with biodegradable surfactants for powerful cleaning action. ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS are highly economical and convenient: users simply add one tablet to a spray bottle filled with 500 mL of tap water, allow the tablet to dissolve for a few minutes, and gently mix if desired. The solution may be sprayed on surfaces and used like a normal cleaner, but with ongoing residual effects. Typical applications include hard floors, carpets, bathrooms, kitchen floors, garbage bins, and other dirty or odorous surfaces. Areas with tough stains can be spot treated with Bionetix® ECO STAIN-OFF. This surface stain cleaner or laundry pre-soak contains enzymes and probiotics that attack and digest stains especially enzymatic stains such as blood, grass, and milk, but also grease, tomato sauce, and dirt. 

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Another great place for probiotics is in garbage disposals, which are a breeding ground for bad odors and typically need a weekly clean and freshen treatment. However, with probiotics, routine cleaning has longer-lasting effects. For instance, Bionetix® ECO-DISPOSAL is a foaming cleaner and freshener that leaves garbage disposals, sinks, and drains clean and fresh while preventing blockages. Each water-soluble pouch contains billions of beneficial probiotics that awaken upon contact with water and start digesting organic waste. These probiotics cling to garbage disposal and drain walls to continue digesting odor-causing compounds. ECODISPOSAL also leaves behind a fresh fragrance.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Many homes rely on septic tanks for sewage handling and treatment. These systems must have a healthy microbial population to digest the waste. Unfortunately, these helpful microbes can be decimated by harsh chemicals such as root killers and bleaches that must be used occasionally. To get the system back in balance, homeowners can add probiotic supplements that replenish the bacteria count. Due to its extra high concentration of beneficial bacteria, BIOBOOSTER 1T is great for this purpose after especially hard shocks to the septic system. Other septic treatments with lower probiotic concentrations include FIZZY-TAB (convenient 5 g and 22 g tablets) and ECO-SEPT (a more budget-friendly powder), which only need to be added once a month for maintenance once the system is in balance. Regular addition of probiotics like these can also save on pumping costs by reducing sludge buildup.

Make Probiotics Part of Your Routine

Home maintenance is a big part of everyday duties for many. Interestingly, probiotics can improve life for homeowners in a variety of ways simply as part of routine cleaning and maintenance activities. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about these home maintenance tips and to stock up on probiotics.

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PRESS RELEASE: Bionetix® Releases New Brochure on Probiotics for Portable Sanitation!

November 21, 2023

Bionetix Probiotics: Portable SanitationBionetix® International is pleased to release a new brochure for the portable sanitation industry! This collection of portable sanitation products stands out from traditional treatments by putting the power of nature to work to clean, deodorize, and biodegrade. It is an excellent resource for any provider of portable sanitation services looking for practical, effective solutions to improve maintenance.

Beneficial Microorganisms at Work

Bionetix® biologicals are a perfect match for portable sanitation because they contain beneficial microorganisms that digest organic wastes such as human waste, greases, oils, undissolved soap residues, paper, and other odor-causing substances. Paired with pleasant fragrances, they not only mask odors but reduce the compounds that cause them. Better yet, Bionetix® biologicals can be adapted for use as portable toilet surface cleaners, odor neutralizers, urinal treatments, and more!

Biocide-Free Portable Toilet Deodorizers

Probiotic portable toilet treatments like those in the new Bionetix® brochure are a welcome alternative to harsh treatments of the past containing formaldehyde or other biocides. Bionetix® portable toilet treatments rely on beneficial microorganisms to digest organic waste and continue working long after application in the retention tank. They leave behind a pleasant fragrance of bubblegum, orange, cherry, or Tutti Frutti, depending on the customer’s preference. Formerly called by the PORTA-TREAT name, these portable toilet probiotics have been rebranded under the BIO-BOOM brand, reflecting the powerful biological boost they offer to holding tanks. They are available in both powder-filled-pouch (P) and liquid (L) form for use in bronze, silver, and gold applications for low to high traffic.

Portable Toilet Maintenance

The new Bionetix® brochure also contains biological treatments for general maintenance inside portable restrooms. ECO-CLEAN-ALL Super Concentrate is a biological surface cleaner that incorporates probiotics for extra cleaning and odor removal power. ECO-SCENT L Super Concentrate contains microorganisms that directly target odors and neutralize them. It can be sprayed into the air around and directly onto odorous surfaces or added to mop water for floors. Finally, URINAL BLOCKS enhance the standard of urinal treatment with a unique formula that helps clean away scaling problems, cure odors, prevent blockages, and digest organic waste in urinals.

Grease Trap and Septic Tank Treatments

Since many portable sanitation companies also offer grease trap and septic tank pumping services, the brochure includes specialty treatments these servicing companies can offer to their customers. ECO-TRAP grease trap treatments contain specialty additives to reduce oil and fat accumulation and speed up their biodegradation, thus preventing emergency blockages and reducing BOD and bad odors. ECO-TRAP products can be applied directly to grease traps or added through kitchen sinks and floor drains. Similarly, septic tank treatments such as ECO-SEPT P or FIZZY-TAB contain diverse microbiology designed to activate digestion of solid waste, reduce sludge buildup and pumping frequency, improve pipe purification and drain seeping, and prevent pipe and drain blockage.

Improve the Portable Sanitation Experience

While many of us do not enjoy portable sanitation facilities, we are glad they are there when we need them. With this new portable sanitation brochure, Bionetix® bids to make that experience more pleasant overall—both for those that use and for those that maintain portable restrooms and grease traps / septic tanks. Explore the new brochure to get started!

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PRESS RELEASE: The Power of Probiotics for Portable Toilet Deodorization

If given the choice between using a modern restroom or a portable toilet, most people would choose the first option. Yet portable toilets meet a huge need when plumbing is not available. Fortunately for both those who use and maintain these stopgap facilities, portable toilet treatment is safer and easier than it once was thanks to probiotics like those from Bionetix® International.

The Portable Toilet Concept

A line of blue porta-potties springing up in a park often signals the approach of a large social event that needs temporary restroom facilities to handle heavy attendance. Portable toilets also make life easier for passengers traveling by bus, boat owners taking a pleasure cruise, or families driving their RV on a cross-country road trip. In the absence of stationary plumbing, these vehicles and portable facilities use holding tanks to collect the waste that builds up over a few days or weeks until it can be pumped out. Storing the waste means deodorization is imperative. Typically, this consists of adding liquid with blue dye to mask the appearance, fragrance to mask the odor, and chemicals to kill the odor-causing microorganisms. In the past, formaldehyde was used but gradually gave way to the more common use of biocides that were less dangerous.

Putting Beneficial Microorganisms to Work

While some portable toilet treatments still use biocides to kill odor-causing bacteria, Bionetix® is part of a growing trend to use beneficial bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds. These probiotics accelerate the digestion of human waste and toilet paper and can therefore reduce pumping frequency. While they continue to use fragrance and color to mask bad odors and appearances, Bionetix® portable toilet retention tank treatments are 100% biocide-free and do not contain formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals, a huge improvement on methods of the past.

Easy-Add Probiotics

Bionetix® offers several levels of probiotic tank treatment under the PORTA-TREAT™ name. PORTA-TREAT™ P Premium offers the deepest blue and strongest fragrance and is ideal for most situations, especially those with high traffic. PORTA-TREAT™ P and PORTA-TREAT™ P PLUS, each with a different degree of fragrance and color, may be suitable for some lower traffic applications. All versions of PORTA-TREAT™ P come as blue powder packaged in water-soluble pouches that are easy to toss into the retention tank after emptying and cleaning. Most are self-mixing. Available fragrances are cherry, bubblegum, orange, and tutti frutti. PORTA-TREAT™ also comes in a liquid form, PORTA-TREAT™ L, that can be poured into the retention tank.

Promoting a Better User Experience

Whether you maintain a large quantity of portable toilets, or you only use a small camper toilet one week per year, probiotics are a great way to keep the waste and odors of holding tanks under control without using harsh chemicals. Contact Bionetix® to ask about our different probiotic portable toilet treatment options.

Keywords: portable toilet treatment, probiotics, porta-potties, mobile restrooms, portable toilet treatments without biocides, portable toilet maintenance, odor control for porta-potties, portable toilet deodorizers, blue liquid, Bionetix

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PRESS RELEASE: Bionetix® Introduces BCP35S™ Premium for Enhanced Soil Bioremediation!

Soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons is a widespread health and environmental concern. Cleanup methods can be complicated, expensive, and sometimes harmful to the environment. Bionetix® International offers a friendlier path via bioremediation with its new BCP35S™ Premium, an upgraded version of BCP35S™ that enhances cleanup and specifically targets PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).


The Widespread Problem of Soil Contamination

Since petroleum hydrocarbons play such a major role in today’s economy, it is not surprising to encounter widespread soil contamination. Pipeline oil spills, leaky gas station tanks, and various industrial activities make hydrocarbon pollution common. Often, landowners are faced with the need to clean up contamination that took place years ago. New construction sites may need soil rehabilitation where gas stations once stood. Even landfills may need to be reclaimed from contaminated soil disposal. Remediation is important both for the restoration of the ecosystem and to minimize corporate pollution liability.

Bioremediation in Action

BCP35S™ opens the door to the exciting benefits of bioremediation. BCP35S™ contains highly specialized microorganisms that degrade a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and other petroleum products), thus reducing their environmental impact. It is suitable for many different soils and varying levels of contamination. For even better targeted bioremediation of soil contaminated with PAH, Bionetix® has designed BCP35S™ Premium, which includes fungi and a higher percentage of special bacteria for enhanced performance. It was designed for a company performing ex situ bioremediation on soils that showed higher PAH compared to previous specimens. Laboratory testing with BCP35S™ Premium caused the PAH levels in the soil to drop significantly from 102.446 mg/kg to 17.264 mg/kg after 60 days. At the end of 90 days, this had dropped even lower to 0.212 mg/kg.

Benefits of Bioremediation

Use of BCP35S™ Premium can potentially reduce costs of contaminated soil cleanup and disposal by eliminating the need for excavation and extreme cleanup measures. Rather than excavating the contaminated ground, sending it to a landfill, and replacing it with new dirt, soil cleanup services can perform bioremediation onsite, eliminating unnecessary costs for new soil and hauling services. Bioremediation is among the most environmentally attractive options because it cleans the soil for further use instead of throwing it away, solidifying it into a block, or incinerating it. It does not require special equipment as for vapor extraction. The process can be performed in situ or ex situ, allowing greater flexibility for the landowner and remediation service.

Get Started on Enhanced Soil Remediation

Hydrocarbon pollution is widespread, demanding viable solutions for owners of contaminated land. Bioremediation with BCP35S™ Premium offers enhanced contaminant degradation, promoting soil health and ecosystem restoration. It also offers cost benefits and minimizes pollution liability for those who are stuck with the job of cleanup. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about getting started with enhanced bioremediation on contaminated soil.

Keywords: soil bioremediation, oil spill cleanup, gas station soil restoration, soil rehabilitation, landfill site reclamation, industrial soil cleanup,
minimize pollution liability, Bionetix, ecosystem restoration, soil pollution

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PRESS RELEASE: Bionetix® Presents Economical Odor Control for English- and Spanish-Speaking Customers!

Bad odors know no language barrier. That is one reason Bionetix® International is pleased to offer updated product data sheets for HYGIEA2200™ in both English and Spanish! This liquid odor control is a powerful biological-blend specifically formulated for large volume accounts. It is an effective and economical path to odor control for hundreds of millions of potential users in the English- and Spanish-speaking market!

Bionetix- odor control

Neutralize and Eliminate Odors

HYGIEA2200™ liquid odor control is a pre-stabilized multiple spore blend that not only masks but also neutralizes and eliminates odor-causing compounds. It does so through a synergistic combination of odor-neutralizing agents, surfactants, bio-strains, nutrients, and stimulants. One of its first actions is to attack and neutralize bad odors. As time goes on, beneficial microorganisms ensure excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, protein, FOG (fats, oils, and greases) and other organic waste so the compounds creating the odors are also destroyed. HYGIEA2200™ leaves behind a fresh mint or custom fragrance; it can also be ordered fragrance-free if odor reduction is the sole purpose.

High Volume Odor Control

HYGIEA2200™ comes in 10X and 20X concentrations, which means a little goes a long way when mixed and diluted in DI water. This is ideal for cleaning supply formulators, who may add it to their own products for an odor-neutralizing boost or dilute it and distribute it as a ready-to-use odor control product for consumer retail. Cleaning services or industries with large scale odor problems may also stock it for their own direct use. Possible uses for HYGIEA2200™ are many!

• Garbage Containers
A natural target for HYGIEA2200™ is odor control in garbage pails, dumpsters, garbage trucks, and landfills. With constant holding or hauling of waste materials, these containers are rife with bad smells that create an unpleasant atmosphere for workers, neighbors, or customers who frequent the area. This can present an especially negative image where shopping centers or restaurants are concerned. Use of HYGIEA2200™ can help improve that image.

• Wastewater Treatment
Unsurprisingly, waste treatment facilities also generate unpleasant odors that sometimes get bad enough to prompt complaints from nearby residents. HYGIEA2200™ can help reduce these odors and promote good public relations by neutralizing odorous chemicals and facilitating the digestion of the organic wastes that cause them.

• Institutional Cleaning Services
Restrooms, laundry facilities, and fitness centers are other areas at risk for bad odors. Custodial service companies can use HYGIEA2200™ to help mitigate the odor problems so patrons have a more pleasant experience. Even carpet cleaners may want to stock HYGIEA2200™ for odor control at the institutions they serve.

Odors are everywhere, but many who suffer from them may not be aware that neutralizing and eliminating—not just masking—them is possible on a large scale with formulations such as HYGIEA2200. Bionetix® hopes to make that solution readily accessible to English- and Spanish speaking customers through its updated data sheets in both languages. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about biological odor control and its availability in various countries.

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Bionetix® Introduces Paper-Eating Solution to Toilet Paper Clogging!

Excess toilet paper, clogged pipes, overflowing toilets, and bad smells are all too common encounters for those who clean and maintain restrooms. Bionetix® International is working to change that by introducing a revolutionary bio-enzymatic “paper-eating” solution called PAPERATOR!

paper eating solution

The new PAPERATOR contains specialized probiotics and enzymes that efficiently break down cellulose-based materials frequently found in toilet paper, seat covers, and paper towels. This action significantly reduces the risk of paper clogging pipes and sewer systems and leading to expensive plumbing interventions. It also speeds up the overall organic waste digestion process, cutting down on bad odors in the meantime. Better yet, by harnessing the technology of nature, PAPERATOR™ presents a sustainable solution that does not harm plumbing or septic systems. 

PAPERATOR™ is especially suited to use at events and facilities that serve a high density of people. Hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafes, office buildings, event centers, and other locations with public restroom facilities can all benefit from the paper-digesting action of PAPERATOR™ to counteract paper overload from heavy use or improper paper product disposal etiquette.Application is as simple as dissolving a water-soluble pouch of PAPERATOR™ in water and flushing the solution down the toilet once a month.

To show how quickly and effectively PAPERATOR™ works, one Bionetix® distributor filled two jars with water and placed four sheets of pink toilet paper in each. PAPERATOR™ was also added to one of the jars, and the next morning, the water in the treated jar was much clearer with significantly less paper residue. Bionetix® also tested PAPERATOR™ on bathroom tissue, a toilet seat cover, a paper kitchen towel, and pieces of cardboard. After only two hours, the toilet paper and toilet seat cover were almost completely disintegrated. The paper towel had also begun to disintegrate around the edges. After 18 hours, the cardboard sample had started to show digestion and was already separated into smaller parts. Results were expected to continue improving with time. Similar benefits await cleaning professionals and facility owners interested in taking advantage of PAPERATOR in their own restrooms and septic systems. Say goodbye to constant toilet paper clogging by contacting Bionetix® to try PAPERATOR, one of the most cost-effective “paper-eating” products on the market today! 

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*Note: PAPERATOR™ is not intended for treatment of non-biodegradable materials, plastics, or substances that could disrupt wastewater treatment processes.

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