Bad odors know no language barrier. That is one reason Bionetix® International is pleased to offer updated product data sheets for HYGIEA2200™ in both English and Spanish! This liquid odor control is a powerful biological-blend specifically formulated for large volume accounts. It is an effective and economical path to odor control for hundreds of millions of potential users in the English- and Spanish-speaking market!

Bionetix- odor control

Neutralize and Eliminate Odors

HYGIEA2200™ liquid odor control is a pre-stabilized multiple spore blend that not only masks but also neutralizes and eliminates odor-causing compounds. It does so through a synergistic combination of odor-neutralizing agents, surfactants, bio-strains, nutrients, and stimulants. One of its first actions is to attack and neutralize bad odors. As time goes on, beneficial microorganisms ensure excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, protein, FOG (fats, oils, and greases) and other organic waste so the compounds creating the odors are also destroyed. HYGIEA2200™ leaves behind a fresh mint or custom fragrance; it can also be ordered fragrance-free if odor reduction is the sole purpose.

High Volume Odor Control

HYGIEA2200™ comes in 10X and 20X concentrations, which means a little goes a long way when mixed and diluted in DI water. This is ideal for cleaning supply formulators, who may add it to their own products for an odor-neutralizing boost or dilute it and distribute it as a ready-to-use odor control product for consumer retail. Cleaning services or industries with large scale odor problems may also stock it for their own direct use. Possible uses for HYGIEA2200™ are many!

• Garbage Containers
A natural target for HYGIEA2200™ is odor control in garbage pails, dumpsters, garbage trucks, and landfills. With constant holding or hauling of waste materials, these containers are rife with bad smells that create an unpleasant atmosphere for workers, neighbors, or customers who frequent the area. This can present an especially negative image where shopping centers or restaurants are concerned. Use of HYGIEA2200™ can help improve that image.

• Wastewater Treatment
Unsurprisingly, waste treatment facilities also generate unpleasant odors that sometimes get bad enough to prompt complaints from nearby residents. HYGIEA2200™ can help reduce these odors and promote good public relations by neutralizing odorous chemicals and facilitating the digestion of the organic wastes that cause them.

• Institutional Cleaning Services
Restrooms, laundry facilities, and fitness centers are other areas at risk for bad odors. Custodial service companies can use HYGIEA2200™ to help mitigate the odor problems so patrons have a more pleasant experience. Even carpet cleaners may want to stock HYGIEA2200™ for odor control at the institutions they serve.

Odors are everywhere, but many who suffer from them may not be aware that neutralizing and eliminating—not just masking—them is possible on a large scale with formulations such as HYGIEA2200. Bionetix® hopes to make that solution readily accessible to English- and Spanish speaking customers through its updated data sheets in both languages. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about biological odor control and its availability in various countries.

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