Product Description

PAPERATOR™ is a revolutionary solution designed to tackle the challenges of disposing toilet paper, toilet seat cover paper, and other organic waste materials in drains and toilets. It even softens cardboard, therefore making it more easily biodegradable. This advanced formulation harnesses the power of specialized probiotics and enzymes to efficiently break down and digest these materials, preventing clogs and maintaining proper sanitation.

Choose PAPERATOR™ for an immaculate, clog-free, and odor-controlled restroom experience. With its innovative bio-enzymatic formulation, PAPERATOR™ offers a sustainable remedy for managing toilet paper waste and promoting efficient plumbing systems while effectively preventing paper clogging.

Packaging and Storage

Available in bulk, water-soluble pouches (200 x 56 g, 400 x 28 g, 40 x 250 g), and custom packaging.
Store in a cool, dry location. Packaging must be kept intact, dry, and away from sunlight. Please follow the recommendations and use the product before the best before date. Contact Bionetix® with questions. Avoid inhalation and eye contact. Avoid excessive skin contact.

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For SDS information, please contact Bionetix® at [email protected]