It is normal for wastewater lagoons and ornamental ponds to get dirtier and smellier over time due to waste buildup. Small lakes and ponds have the added challenge of nutrient pollution that encourages algae growth. Instead of breaking out the biocides or being overwhelmed by high BOD levels, Bionetix® International recommends taking a natural approach to water clarity by using AQUACLAR™ or its new extra-strength version, AQUACLAR™ PLUS.

Improve Water Clarity Naturally with AQUACLAR™ PLUS

Improve Water Clarity

AQUACLAR™ is a water clarifying bacteria/enzyme blend in a mineral porous carrier. These nonpathogenic bacteria and accompanying enzymes improve water clarity by digesting and consuming nutrients that cause algae growth. AQUACLAR™ also lowers toxicity by allowing sequestration of heavy metals and ammonia. The product is very easy to use and provides an economical, effective way to keep water in ecological balance, improve water clarity, and compete with algae growth.

Side benefits include the following:
• Lower BOD/COD
• Breakdown of fecal and other organic waste
• Less TSS and organic sludge
• Fewer malodors
• Nitrogen removal

For applications that need a higher level of power and effectiveness, Bionetix® has created an extra strength version called AQUACLAR™ PLUS, which contains 5 billion colony-forming units per gram (50 times more than the 100 million CFU/g of regular AQUACLAR). This higher concentration of bacteria gives it a better adsorption capacity and a more powerful ability to attack waste products and excess nutrients in water, making it well-suited to problem areas. 

Keep Wastewater in Balance

AQUACLAR™ can be used in a variety of small to larger applications. One of the most typical is wastewater treatment lagoons, which receive high loads of waste that must biodegrade sufficiently before being released to the environment. Out of control BOD and COD levels, bad odors, and high ammonia levels are all signs of organic overload. Adding AQUACLAR™ or AQUACLAR™ PLUS to lagoons can help the wastewater system get back into balance by breaking down and/or removing some of these extra wastes and toxins.

Enhance Water Quality in Lakes, Ponds, and Aquariums

AQUACLAR™ is also excellent for small lakes, ponds, canals, and fish farms. Lakes and ponds in particular struggle with algae growth because of the prevalence of fertilizer runoff. AQUACLAR™ can help consume these excess nutrients, leaving behind fewer nutrients for algae to feed on. Extra ammonia and fecal matter from fish is another problem in lakes and ponds, or in fish farms where the piscatorial population is especially dense. AQUACLAR™ and AQUACLAR™ PLUS can help keep these aquatic environments in balance. Although primarily intended for commercial/industrial applications, AQUACLAR™ has also shown good results in nitrogen reduction for home aquariums.

Restore Natural Beauty

Keeping lakes, ponds, aquariums, and especially wastewater lagoons clear is and will continue to be a constant battle. AQUACLAR™ and AQUACLAR™ PLUS stand to improve water quality by using the natural activity of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to speed up the biodegradation process. It is one excellent way to keep ponds and lagoons in balance and restore some of nature’s beauty. Contact Bionetix® to get started improving water clarity!

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