Bionetix® International is pleased to introduce BIOBOOSTER SR™, a new wastewater sludge treatment option for industrial and municipal wastewater lagoons. These tablets are designed specifically to reduce wastewater sludge at the bottom of lagoons and ultimately reduce dredging frequency and cost. This discovery uncovers an exciting new method of sludge treatment for an expensive problem.

Sludge in Wastewater Lagoons

Sludge buildup is common in wastewater lagoons. It can lead to bad odors, out of control BOD levels, and hundreds to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in dredging costs. Bioaugmentation (treatment with beneficial microorganisms) is a far less expensive option that has been limited by the fact that the microorganisms generally like to stay near the top of the water, minimizing sludge digestion below.

Getting to the Bottom of the Problem

Bionetix® has developed BIOBOOSTER SR™ to counteract this problem. BIOBOOSTER SR™ tablets add beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, and enzymes to the wastewater lagoon and deliver them to the bottom of the pond, where they are needed most. The tablets slowly release active ingredients that digest organic waste and decompose biomass, thus reducing sludge volume. A shock dose of BIOBOOSTER SR™ is a great way to get existing sludge under control, followed by a maintenance dose every one to three months depending on sludge intensity. The less sludge there is, the less often dredging will be needed. The resulting cost savings can add up quickly!

Harness Nature’s Technology!

BIOBOOSTER SR™ is just one more way Bionetix® International has harnessed natural biological mechanisms to tackle specific needs in the wastewater treatment industry. With BIOBOOSTER SR™, Bionetix® literally gets to the bottom of the sludge problem by delivering bioaugmentation treatment where it is most needed to digest sludge. Contact Bionetix® today to learn more about reducing sludge with BIOBOOSTER SR™ and starting a trial in your
own lagoon!

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