Sports mean lots of sweat, and sweat means plenty of bad odors left behind on clothes, equipment, and lockers. Bionetix® International’s new ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is designed to eliminate these odors naturally, with or without the added benefit of a fresh fragrance.

ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is a ready-to-use odor neutralizer designed specifically to tackle sports-related odors. It can be used in standard spray bottles and sprayed directly over the odor problem area at the gym, in the locker room, in the duffel bag, or on your clothes.

In addition to masking odors with its optional fresh fragrance, ECO-SCENT SPORT™ captures odor-causing molecules at their source using two of the most powerful natural odor neutralizers. The odor control does not stop there. ECO-SCENT SPORT™ also contains beneficial bacteria for residual odor control power. These probiotics work by digesting the source of the odor: excessive sweat residue.

ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is a great odor remover spray for athletes to stow in their duffel bag, for soccer moms to pull out when the kids bring their gear home at the end of game day, or for custodians to keep on hand at sports facilities and fitness centers where an extra dose of odor control is needed. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about this new natural odor neutralizer here:

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