Improve Water Clarity Naturally with AQUACLAR™ PLUS

It is normal for wastewater lagoons and ornamental ponds to get dirtier and smellier over time due to waste buildup. Small lakes and ponds have the added challenge of nutrient pollution that encourages algae growth. Instead of breaking out the biocides or being overwhelmed by high BOD levels, Bionetix® International recommends taking a natural approach to water clarity by using AQUACLAR™ or its new extra-strength version, AQUACLAR™ PLUS.

Improve Water Clarity Naturally with AQUACLAR™ PLUS

Improve Water Clarity

AQUACLAR™ is a water clarifying bacteria/enzyme blend in a mineral porous carrier. These nonpathogenic bacteria and accompanying enzymes improve water clarity by digesting and consuming nutrients that cause algae growth. AQUACLAR™ also lowers toxicity by allowing sequestration of heavy metals and ammonia. The product is very easy to use and provides an economical, effective way to keep water in ecological balance, improve water clarity, and compete with algae growth.

Side benefits include the following:
• Lower BOD/COD
• Breakdown of fecal and other organic waste
• Less TSS and organic sludge
• Fewer malodors
• Nitrogen removal

For applications that need a higher level of power and effectiveness, Bionetix® has created an extra strength version called AQUACLAR™ PLUS, which contains 5 billion colony-forming units per gram (50 times more than the 100 million CFU/g of regular AQUACLAR). This higher concentration of bacteria gives it a better adsorption capacity and a more powerful ability to attack waste products and excess nutrients in water, making it well-suited to problem areas. 

Keep Wastewater in Balance

AQUACLAR™ can be used in a variety of small to larger applications. One of the most typical is wastewater treatment lagoons, which receive high loads of waste that must biodegrade sufficiently before being released to the environment. Out of control BOD and COD levels, bad odors, and high ammonia levels are all signs of organic overload. Adding AQUACLAR™ or AQUACLAR™ PLUS to lagoons can help the wastewater system get back into balance by breaking down and/or removing some of these extra wastes and toxins.

Enhance Water Quality in Lakes, Ponds, and Aquariums

AQUACLAR™ is also excellent for small lakes, ponds, canals, and fish farms. Lakes and ponds in particular struggle with algae growth because of the prevalence of fertilizer runoff. AQUACLAR™ can help consume these excess nutrients, leaving behind fewer nutrients for algae to feed on. Extra ammonia and fecal matter from fish is another problem in lakes and ponds, or in fish farms where the piscatorial population is especially dense. AQUACLAR™ and AQUACLAR™ PLUS can help keep these aquatic environments in balance. Although primarily intended for commercial/industrial applications, AQUACLAR™ has also shown good results in nitrogen reduction for home aquariums.

Restore Natural Beauty

Keeping lakes, ponds, aquariums, and especially wastewater lagoons clear is and will continue to be a constant battle. AQUACLAR™ and AQUACLAR™ PLUS stand to improve water quality by using the natural activity of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to speed up the biodegradation process. It is one excellent way to keep ponds and lagoons in balance and restore some of nature’s beauty. Contact Bionetix® to get started improving water clarity!

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NEWS ALERT: New Bionetix® Microbiologist Brings Experience & Passion to Environmental Cleanup

Bionetix logo with ISO logo

We are pleased to welcome Irving Chang as the newest member of our Bionetix® team! Irving started his new role of Microbiologist and Biotechnologist Specialist on April 3rd and is expected to bring exciting advances to our biological product lines soon!

More Than a Decade of Experience

Irving graduated with a degree in biotechnology engineering from Saint Mary’s Catholic University in Peru and specialized in Genetic Resource Preservation at Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan. He subsequently spent nine years in professional biotechnology research and/or fermentation and is currently a member of the Microbiology Association of Quebec. Irving is passionate about learning, science, and technology, and is fascinated with how the tiniest microorganism can do so much to improve the health of the environment.

From Childhood Inspiration to Career

When Irving learned about Bionetix® International’s vision to find more natural ways to help the world around us, he was thrilled to join the mission. This passion stems back to Irving’s childhood when he remembers hearing his grandfather say that “the best agriculture is . . . natural agriculture.” He now looks forward to helping improve agriculture and other aspects of life by finding new natural biotechnologies that help people care for the environment.

Taking Bionetix® to New Heights

Irving will be helping Bionetix® develop new products and improve capabilities of current bacteria strains. One of his goals is to get lab scale fermentation up and running to do more extensive biological R&D onsite and ultimately develop new and better products that make life easier for people. Stay tuned for further updates as we start a new part of our biotechnology adventure on the path to a healthier environment!

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NEWS ALERT: New Test Data Indicates Bionetix® Biologicals Work in Temps up to 50 °C!

Bioaugmentation is a great way to clean up the environment naturally. One challenge is that elevated temperatures may slow down or destroy the beneficial bacteria added to digest waste contaminants. For this reason, Bionetix® recently tested one of its key bacteria strains to evaluate its performance at temperatures up to 50 °C (122 °F).

bacterial growth

Test Procedure

Bionetix® selected a product primarily designed to degrade petroleum products in a water environment, but which contains a bacteria strain representative of many Bionetix® biologicals. The laboratory tested the product on triplicate plates of TSA (trypticase soy agar), leaving them to incubate overnight at three temperatures—35 °C (95 °F), 45 °C (113 °F), and 50 °C (122 °F). After 17 hours, the lab counted and compared the number of colonies on each plate. It was found that the colonies continued to grow at all three temperatures. Growth in colony size was faster at higher temperatures, while the average number of colonies decreased.

Test Conclusions

The test confirmed that, while 25-35 °C (77-95 °F) remains the optimal growth temperature for most Bionetix® bacteria, the microorganisms remain functional at temperatures up to 50 °C (122 °F). Although many wastewater applications do not reach this temperature, some oil and gas wastewater processing environments (e.g., thermophilic anaerobic digesters) do. While many other factors such as food, pH, and nutrients also affect bacterial growth, this test lends confidence to users considering Bionetix® bioaugmentation in similar environments. If that environment sounds like yours, contact Bionetix® today to start a bioaugmentation trial in your high temp application!

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® International Passes ISO 9001 Recertification Audit

We are pleased to report that Bionetix® International has passed its ISO 9001:2015 recertification audit! After a long period of virtual audits due to the pandemic, the quality management system audit took place in person once again on January 5th-6th, with Michel Morin of SGS finding no major or minor non-conformities. His survey led to the general conclusion that the quality management system at Bionetix® is “robust and well implemented,” employees are competent with the system, and responses to customers are timely and thorough.

The audit trail included results of a customer satisfaction survey sent out to some of our largest customers in November 2022. Based on feedback, the highest rated areas for Bionetix® are customer service (92% rating) and quality (94% rating). In addition to meeting its customer satisfaction goals, Bionetix® once again met its target of 95% on time shipments. Furthermore, the auditor noted in his general observation that “commitment to quality is very evident by the continuous involvement of the Leadership Team on an ongoing basis. The system is well maintained.”

Maintenance of quality management system certification helps ensure that Bionetix® products and services consistently meet the expectations and requirements of our customers and spurs us on to more efficient and improved customer satisfaction. We are proud to have successfully passed our recertification audit and look forward to continued improvement of our service to you, our customers! Contact us with questions and feedback:

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NEWS ALERT: Take a New Approach to Garbage Disposal Maintenance This Year!

Probiotics are a growing segment in the health food industry, touted for their immune and digestive system benefits. But what if these same natural mechanisms could be harnessed for their benefits in cleaning applications such as garbage disposal maintenance?

Bionetix® took this step last year with the release of ECO-DISPOSAL™, a probiotic garbage disposal cleaner/ freshener. When users apply an ECO-DISPOSAL™ pouch to their garbage disposal unit, it provides initial cleaning power and leaves behind a fresh lemon fragrance. However, the benefits do not stop there. ECO-DISPOSAL™ also contains 2.5 billion bacteria that awaken when in contact with water and start digesting organic waste. These probiotics cling to garbage disposal and drain walls for ongoing long-term waste digestion and garbage disposal maintenance benefits in between routine cleaning.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is great for both commercial and residential garbage disposals, as well as septic tanks. With ECO-DISPOSAL™, the time has come to stop settling for standard garbage disposal maintenance and explore the longer-lasting benefits of waste-digesting probiotics at work. Contact Bionetix® International to learn more about using ECO-DISPOSAL™ in your garbage disposal this year:

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Save Money with New Bionetix® Sludge Reducer Tablets for Wastewater Lagoons!


Bionetix® International is pleased to introduce BIOBOOSTER SR™, a new wastewater sludge treatment option for industrial and municipal wastewater lagoons. These tablets are designed specifically to reduce wastewater sludge at the bottom of lagoons and ultimately reduce dredging frequency and cost. This discovery uncovers an exciting new method of sludge treatment for an expensive problem.

Sludge in Wastewater Lagoons

Sludge buildup is common in wastewater lagoons. It can lead to bad odors, out of control BOD levels, and hundreds to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in dredging costs. Bioaugmentation (treatment with beneficial microorganisms) is a far less expensive option that has been limited by the fact that the microorganisms generally like to stay near the top of the water, minimizing sludge digestion below.

Getting to the Bottom of the Problem

Bionetix® has developed BIOBOOSTER SR™ to counteract this problem. BIOBOOSTER SR™ tablets add beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, and enzymes to the wastewater lagoon and deliver them to the bottom of the pond, where they are needed most. The tablets slowly release active ingredients that digest organic waste and decompose biomass, thus reducing sludge volume. A shock dose of BIOBOOSTER SR™ is a great way to get existing sludge under control, followed by a maintenance dose every one to three months depending on sludge intensity. The less sludge there is, the less often dredging will be needed. The resulting cost savings can add up quickly!

Harness Nature’s Technology!

BIOBOOSTER SR™ is just one more way Bionetix® International has harnessed natural biological mechanisms to tackle specific needs in the wastewater treatment industry. With BIOBOOSTER SR™, Bionetix® literally gets to the bottom of the sludge problem by delivering bioaugmentation treatment where it is most needed to digest sludge. Contact Bionetix® today to learn more about reducing sludge with BIOBOOSTER SR™ and starting a trial in your
own lagoon!

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NEWS ALERT: Eliminate Sports and Sweat Odors with New ECO-SCENT SPORT™!



Sports mean lots of sweat, and sweat means plenty of bad odors left behind on clothes, equipment, and lockers. Bionetix® International’s new ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is designed to eliminate these odors naturally, with or without the added benefit of a fresh fragrance.

ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is a ready-to-use odor neutralizer designed specifically to tackle sports-related odors. It can be used in standard spray bottles and sprayed directly over the odor problem area at the gym, in the locker room, in the duffel bag, or on your clothes.

In addition to masking odors with its optional fresh fragrance, ECO-SCENT SPORT™ captures odor-causing molecules at their source using two of the most powerful natural odor neutralizers. The odor control does not stop there. ECO-SCENT SPORT™ also contains beneficial bacteria for residual odor control power. These probiotics work by digesting the source of the odor: excessive sweat residue.

ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is a great odor remover spray for athletes to stow in their duffel bag, for soccer moms to pull out when the kids bring their gear home at the end of game day, or for custodians to keep on hand at sports facilities and fitness centers where an extra dose of odor control is needed. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about this new natural odor neutralizer here:

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Probiotic Cleaners Stand Out at ISSA 2022!

Amid growing interest in “green” cleaning technology, Bionetix® International stood out as only one of a few companies offering probiotic cleaners at the ISSA North America show, October 10th-13th in Chicago. This major convention for cleaning professionals drew a variety of cleaning product distributors, custodians, and hotel and restaurant cleaning/maintenance service providers to the booth to learn more about Bionetix® biotechnology.


Cliff Cracauer (Sales & Marketing EVP), Tonya Decterov (Technical Sales Rep), and Mathias Benitez (Lab Manager) were on hand to introduce two of our newest products at the booth, along with Bionetix® standbys such as BIOBLOC22™, ECO-DRAIN™, and HYGIEA™ concentrates. Attendees were especially interested in Bionetix® grease trap treatments, manufacturer’s concentrates, and new ECO-CLEANALL TABS™.

Reflecting on the event, Tonya noted that “More and more companies want to choose green technology and [are] start[ing] to understand what role beneficial probiotics can play in cleaning[.] [They] see [them] as a good alternative to regular cleaners/disinfectants.” Tonya said significant discussions also centered on saving energy and using less plastic in product packaging. While these ISSA 2022 interactions will be a great starting point for future conversations, they are also expected to inform Bionetix® R&D decisions in the near future. Stay tuned for upcoming products that address some of these concerns!

Contact Bionetix® to learn more about our probiotic cleaners:

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Releases Probiotic Cleaner for Garbage Disposal Maintenance!

June 6, 2022

Bionetix® is pleased to announce the release of ECO-DISPOSAL, a new foaming garbage disposal cleaner and freshener with probiotics! While standard garbage disposal cleaners often have to be used weekly to clean out the organic waste residues that can collect and produce bad kitchen drain odors, Bionetix® adds probiotics to its formula for extra, long-lasting garbage disposal maintenance power.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is a foaming cleaner and freshener that contains billions of beneficial probiotics per pouch. These probiotics wake up when in contact with water and start digesting organic waste. After the initial treatment, the probiotics cling to the garbage disposal and drain walls for ongoing long-term waste digestion and garbage disposal maintenance benefits. By continuing to digest organic residue, ECO-DISPOSAL™ helps combat drain clogging and garbage disposal odors, likely reducing garbage disposal cleaning frequency.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is easy to apply. Simply run some warm water (35- 45 °C [95-113 °F]) into an empty garbage disposal that is turned off and insert an ECO-DISPOSAL™ pouch. Next, turn on the garbage disposal for just a few seconds, allowing foam to appear. The foam will recede after turning off the water and garbage disposal. A quick rinse with water completes the process, leaving behind a fresh smell and helpful living organisms to continue waste digestion!

This new probiotic garbage disposal cleaner is great for both private homeowners and commercial food industry establishments. In addition to drain and garbage disposal maintenance, it can be used to clean and maintain septic tanks, repopulating them with a healthy microbial colony for ongoing waste digestion. Contact Bionetix® today to learn about adding ECO-DISPOSALto your garbage disposal or septic system:

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NEWS ALERT: Join Us in Welcoming Kevin Fox to Bionetix® International!

Bionetix® International is happy to have a new team member on board as the demand for our biological product lines continues to grow! Kevin Fox joined Bionetix® International this summer as an Inside Sales & Customer Service Representative. Since then, Kevin has been busy providing customer support at Cortec’s biotechnology subsidiary branch in Montreal, Canada. In addition to overseeing order entry and follow-up, Kevin will also be responsible for distributing product literature and coordinating samples for customers who want to try Bionetix® products.

Kevin comes to Bionetix® with a well-rounded background in business management, marketing, and sales. He held numerous positions during his successful 15-year career in the animal health pharmaceutical industry. In his current shift from pharmaceuticals to probiotics, Kevin is impressed with the extensive diversity of Bionetix’s product line (e.g., wastewater treatmentbioremediationagricultural, and cleaning products). He commented, “I am fascinated how probiotics and good bacteria play a major role in the production of our products . . . that are non-hazardous to humans, animals and the environment. An excellent alternative to harsh chemicals.”

Kevin speaks both French and English. He looks forward to providing great service and support to customer needs and requirements at Bionetix® International. Send him your questions or just a note of welcome here at [email protected]!


Keywords: Bionetix, Cortec, biotechnology, probiotics, good bacteria, wastewater treatment, bioremediation, green cleaners, biological products