NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Bioaugmentation Opportunities Continue to Expand in Latin America

Interest in Bionetix® bioaugmentation technology is increasing in Latin America! The main focus has stayed on grease trap and wastewater treatments for high FOG (fats, oils, greases) applications and URINAL BLOCKS, FIZZY-TAB, and ECO-SEPT™ for institutional maintenance. However, existing distributors are branching out into wastewater treatments that go beyond food industry needs. This trend is especially noticeable in Guatemala and Chile. Overall product sales in Latin America have increased, and probiotics for livestock are getting more attention. POULTRY-FEED™ has been sold in Latin America for the first time, and there are signs of interest in AQUA-FEED, as well.

In addition to expanding product volume and type, our reach has also grown to include new countries. Bionetix® solutions are now available in the following regions of Latin America:

  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico

Currently, two additional enterprises are looking at distribution opportunities, including private labeling of wastewater bioaugmentation treatments in multiple
Latin America countries. The need for such technology is great, considering the wastewater challenges faced by a large percentage of Latin America. Bionetix
bioaugmentation is an excellent way to support existing wastewater treatment systems and help implement new infrastructure to bring wastewater into
balance and minimize the pollution of waterways. In addition, institutional maintenance products, bio-enzyme cleaners, and natural livestock/agriculture
enhancements are always exciting technologies to explore!

If you are in Latin America and have an interest in either distributing or using Bionetix® biological treatments, contact us to get connected with the right

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Animal Feed Now Used for Livestock Bedding Management

Did you know Bionetix® animal feeds have more than one use? While their main purpose is to boost livestock digestion and promote a healthy immune system, some of these biologicals have recently been purchased for use in poultry bedding. Here is a closer look at how and why they work.

Probiotics for Livestock
Bionetix® animal feeds could also be called “probiotics” for livestock. As with human probiotics, these animal feed additives contain beneficial bacteria and other biologicals and nutrients that support better digestion and promote a healthy immune system. An exciting feature is that similar mechanisms at work inside the gut of cows, chickens, and pigs can help with animal bedding and manure management!

Accelerated Waste Digestion
Some of the benefits of these biologicals is simply passed on in animal waste from livestock consuming POULTRY-FEED, SWINE-FEED, or DAIRY-FEED. However, these same products can also be added directly to livestock bedding to improve waste digestion there. The biological mechanisms break up solids and decrease organic content, thus reducing odor and bedding maintenance costs.

Better Compost, Manure, and Biogas Production
After the bedding ends up in the compost heap or the manure pit, the biological action continues, speeding up the biodegradation process to create more valuable fertilizer/compost and reduce manure pit maintenance costs. It can also help with hydrolysis for bedding or manure that is converted into biogas.

Multiple Benefits from One Animal Feed
Bionetix® animal feeds are a great way to get multiple benefits from one product. Contact us today to learn more about boosting livestock health, managing bedding, and improving manure and biogas production with our probiotics for livestock:

Learn more about DAIRY-FEED

Learn more about POULTRY-FEED

Learn more about SWINE-FEED

Keywords: livestock bedding, animal feeds, livestock health, manure pit maintenance costs, biogas production, Bionetix, poultry bedding, healthy immune system, manure management, better compost

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Enzymes in Action!

Do you ever wonder if, how, and why Bionetix® products work? A recent test at Bionetix® laboratories in Montreal serves as a great visual answer to these questions by showing bio-enzymes in action.

The Bio-Enzyme Mechanism
The key power behind many Bionetix® products is their enzyme production and action. Specially selected non-pathogenic bacteria in these formulations produce enzymes that target and digest specific waste substances. For example, bacteria that produce amylase can digest starches. Bacteria that produce cellulase can digest the cellulose in plant fibers. Protease producers digest proteins; lipase producers digest fats; and so on.

Enzyme Action Demo
To confirm that all four enzymes of HYGIEA2000™ were at work, Bionetix® tested this multi-purpose organic-waste-cleanup, odor-control, and wastewater-treatment concentrate. HYGIEA2000™ was added to four petri dishes that each contained a different media representing starch, cellulose, protein, or lipids. A positive control (good producer of enzymes) and a negative control (poor producer of enzymes) were also added to each dish for comparison. A halo around each microbial colony showed where enzymes were at work digesting their “food source,” i.e., the media. HYGIEA2000™ produced halos in all four substances, demonstrating the product to be an active producer of amylase, cellulase, protease, and lipase as intended!

Probiotic Solutions for Many Industries
HYGIEA2000™ is just one example of the great probiotic cleanup solutions Bionetix® has for multiple industries thanks to the power of microbial enzymatic action. To learn more about how and where HYGIEA2000™ and other Bionetix® green cleaning concentrates can be used, please visit:

Keywords: Bionetix, bio-enzymes, biological cleaning, odor control, wastewater treatment, organic waste cleanup, enzyme action, probiotics, green cleaning, enzyme

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Presents an Alternative to Traditional Chemical Cleaners at ISSA 2021!

After two years of pandemic travel limitations, it was a pleasure to see Bionetix® customers face-to-face again at the ISSA North America convention!

Although overall traffic was slower than normal at the November 16th-18th conference in Las Vegas, the Bionetix® booth still attracted a good number of visitors. Our team was able to speak with a variety of cleaning industry professionals representing septic tank maintenance, restaurant and grease trap maintenance, wholesale chemicals, wastewater treatment, and cleaning product distribution.

These guests came looking for the ecologically friendly “green” cleaners, biologicals, and enzymatic treatments that make Bionetix® stand out from conventional chemicals thanks to underlying “probiotics” technology. They were also interested in how to secure these biological products in the most economical and/or convenient delivery systems, such as concentrates, tabs, and blocs.

We are thankful for those who stopped by to talk “green” cleaning technologies and look forward to the potential for further conversations in the future! Contact us any time to learn more:

Keywords: Bionetix, ISSA, green cleaning technologies, probiotics, cleaning industry, cleaning products, septic tank maintenance, grease trap maintenance, ecofriendly cleaners

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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #21: Solving Restaurant Grease Trap and Sewer Problems

October 26, 2021

Frequent sewer clogging—plus bad smells from the grease trap—had become a headache at one restaurant in Russia. In 2017, they decided to try adding Bionetix® ECO-TRAP™ L and BCP22™ to the sewer pipe and grease trap. The results were so good that the restaurant wrote an official letter recommending the products for use in other food production facilities!

Read the full case history here.

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Dirty Grease trap, grease recovery device collects and reduces fats, oils and greases.

NEWS ALERT: Grease Trap Cleanup in Action!

October 26, 2021

Do you ever groan when it comes to dealing with grease traps? Fats, oils, and greases can build up quickly for restaurants and other food industry facilities that process high fat content. Grease traps are there to keep too much fat from going into the sewer, but, unfortunately, grease still tends to build up, overflow, and create bad odors. The good news is that we are seeing real life successes with BCP22™ and ECO-TRAP™ treatments from Bionetix® International!

Just this year, a canned fish factory in Russia began applying these biological products to their grease traps. The facility, which operates 24/7, had so much fat built up in the grease trap that it completely obscured the water. The factory uses seawater in its production processes, and this can potentially slow FOG (fats, oils, and greases) digestion. However, after biological treatment with BCP22™ and ECO-TRAP™ started, the fat began to gradually decrease even in the presence of high chloride wastewater (17,000 mg/L). In just two months, 70% of the
water surface was clear and only 30% was still covered by fat! The product success has led the factory to continue ordering the products and start planning experiments at some of their other corporate group locations. Stay tuned for more developments!

Contact us to learn more:

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Holstein cow with huge tongue

NEWS ALERT: Large New Zealand Dairy Cooperative Endorses Bionetix® Lagoon Treatment Technology

October 20, 2021

We are excited to announce that a large dairy cooperative in New Zealand has endorsed Bionetix® biotechnology for the treatment of wastewater effluent!

Farmers in the dairy cooperative have been facing problems with their wastewater lagoons for manure storage, so the organization coordinated trials of BCP80™ with Bionetix® International’s New Zealand distributor. Following the trials, the cooperative agreed that Bionetix® effluent pond cleaning products would be the recommended technology for their network of more than 10,000 farmers, responsible for a large percent of the world’s dairy exports. Although COVID lockdowns have slowed training and introduction of the technology, several farmers have already signed on for a monthly subscription to BCP80™ for more efficient treatment of their manure waste!

BCP80™ enhances and accelerates the biological digestion of animal wastes, reduces costs of manure pit maintenance and drainage, and helps reduce odors. Learn more about it here:

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BCP22 Sunset in Guatemala City

NEWS ALERT: Ongoing Success with BCP22™ in Guatemalan Restaurants!

October 12, 2021

Our Bionetix® distributor ECOTEC has reported outstanding results from using BCP22™ and ECO-DRAIN™ in restaurants in Guatemala! They currently supply this pair of Bionetix® biological treatments to help a total of 68 restaurants maintain grease traps and reduce and prevent bad smells and drainage clogging. Here’s how they got started on this successful treatment plan.

In 2016, ECOTEC began using BCP22™ to help wastewater treatment plants that had problems with excess fats. They later marketed it to restaurants, starting with a two-month trial at five restaurants. After seeing positive results, they started recommending it for use to every restaurant client, starting with 30 restaurants and increasing to 68. One of these restaurants is a very famous restaurant that saw a big improvement in grease trap odor and clogging problems after using BCP22.

Before using Bionetix® biologicals, restaurants had few options. They could try to get rid of bad smells by applying hot water or chemicals down the drain. One of them even did a trial with a competitor’s biological product, but nothing worked as well as BCP22. ECOTEC eventually added ECO-DRAIN™ to the treatment plan to extend the solution to restaurant drain systems.

It only takes about one minute to apply each product daily. During the first 15 days, a double-strength shock-dose of product is added to establish a good microbial colony in the grease trap and drains. After that, the restaurant staff only needs to add one or two pouches a day to the kitchen sink, floor drains, and/or soda machine drains. ECOTEC provides training to the restaurant staff and helpful guides to make regular application easy.

If you want to have the same success with grease trap and drain maintenance as ECOTEC has seen with its 68 restaurant clients, be sure to contact Bionetix® today to learn more about these two biotechnologies:

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NEWS ALERT: Need to Boost Nitrification? Add a Dose of A55L™

October 5, 2021

Ammonia is a major pollutant that needs to be removed from wastewater before it can be released to the environment. It is also a problem in aquariums and ponds where excess levels can have negative effects on fish. While Bionetix® International recommends BCP655™ as the most efficient way to reduce nitrogen and ammonia levels and simultaneously lower BOD/COD (especially when facing lower temperatures or oxygen levels), you can also add A55L™ when you need to increase nitrogen removal, as when shock loading occurs.

A55L™ uses nitrifying bacteria to support the natural nitrification process. The Nitrosomonas strain in A55L™ oxidizes ammonia to nitrite using available dissolved oxygen in the water. Nitrobacter bacteria then take up the next step of the process by oxidizing the nitrite into nitrate. A55L™ can be used to restore nitrification quickly after upsets and support natural nitrification in colder months (optimum temperature is 59-86 °F [15-30 °C]).
The end result is cleaner wastewater without the extra surcharge for nitrogen-based pollutants!

Contact Bionetix® to learn more about using A55L™ alone or in conjunction with BCP655

Learn more about A55L™ here:

Keywords: nitrification, ammonia, nitrogen, high ammonia levels, wastewater treatment, BOD, COD, nitrite, nitrate, plant upsets, pollutants, Bionetix, biological treatment, wastewater lagoons, wastewater efficiency, nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria, shock loading, ponds, aquariums

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