Bionetix® International is excited to release BCP-EU-FB, a microbial wastewater treatment previously available only to a limited European audience. This synergistic blend of microorganisms is a powerhouse of sludge reducing wastewater treatment efficiency with multiple side benefits for waste treatment around the globe.

Microbial Synergy in Action

BCP-EU-FB™ is a blend of fungi, bacillus spore organisms, and enzymes that are effective in degrading many types of cellulosic and other wastes. This combination of microorganisms produces a synergistic effect, allowing BCP-EU-FB™ to work faster than bacteria alone. In short, using BCPEU-FB™ is similar to having workers on energy drinks, functioning at a high level of efficiency. By speeding up biodegradation, the blend lowers BOD and COD and reduces sludge production and buildup. At the same time, it helps oxidize and reduce malodorous compounds and foaming. BCP-EU-FB™ appears to not only cut down on sludge production but to also decrease the amount of energy used during wastewater processing, making the system more efficient overall.

Where to Use BCP-EU-FB

Because of its powerful characteristics and versatility, BCP-EU-FB™ can be used in a variety of wastewater applications, the most common being wastewater lagoons. However, it is also applicable to aerobic digesters, sequencing batch reactors (SBR), and moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR). A common application is treatment of wastewater from food processing. It is also suited to industrial wastewaters that contain a high amount of fibers and are suffering from high levels of BOD, COD, sludge, or foam.

When to Use This Microbial Powerhouse

The high efficiency of BCP-EU-FB™ makes it an excellent addition to startup systems or wastewater lagoons that need to be repopulated after shock. It is also good for use in applications with low oxygen levels and high temperatures (i.e., 45-50 °C [113-122 °F]). The side benefits of controlling odor, pH, and foam make it well-suited for use when these problems arise. It also offers a good strategy to help avoid the development of algae and superior organisms, as BCP-EU-FB™ competes for the nutrient rich molecules that feed these nuisances.

How to Apply BCP-EU-FB

When used in treatment plants, BCP-EU-FB™ is dosed according to flow rate. An initial shock dose spread out over the first 10 days should be followed by a weekly or daily maintenance dose according to Bionetix® guidelines. Application rate for aerated lagoons is based on the average flow rate to the lagoon; anaerobic lagoons are treated based on total volume; and lagoons with facultative systems are treated based on lagoon surface area. Lagoons in cold climates should generally be treated only after the water has warmed up to at least 10 °C (50 °F).

Aggressively Improve Wastewater Efficiency

Sludge, BOD, and bad odors are part of the normal struggles and challenges wastewater treatment plant operators face. When these get out of control and conditions are less than ideal to support a healthy microbial population, BCP-EU-FB™ tackles the situation aggressively through bacteria and fungi synergy. Contact us today to recharge your system with BCP-EU-FB™ for greater efficiency and less sludge.

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