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We are pleased to welcome Irving Chang as the newest member of our Bionetix® team! Irving started his new role of Microbiologist and Biotechnologist Specialist on April 3rd and is expected to bring exciting advances to our biological product lines soon!

More Than a Decade of Experience

Irving graduated with a degree in biotechnology engineering from Saint Mary’s Catholic University in Peru and specialized in Genetic Resource Preservation at Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan. He subsequently spent nine years in professional biotechnology research and/or fermentation and is currently a member of the Microbiology Association of Quebec. Irving is passionate about learning, science, and technology, and is fascinated with how the tiniest microorganism can do so much to improve the health of the environment.

From Childhood Inspiration to Career

When Irving learned about Bionetix® International’s vision to find more natural ways to help the world around us, he was thrilled to join the mission. This passion stems back to Irving’s childhood when he remembers hearing his grandfather say that “the best agriculture is . . . natural agriculture.” He now looks forward to helping improve agriculture and other aspects of life by finding new natural biotechnologies that help people care for the environment.

Taking Bionetix® to New Heights

Irving will be helping Bionetix® develop new products and improve capabilities of current bacteria strains. One of his goals is to get lab scale fermentation up and running to do more extensive biological R&D onsite and ultimately develop new and better products that make life easier for people. Stay tuned for further updates as we start a new part of our biotechnology adventure on the path to a healthier environment!

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