Usually when someone says “probiotics,” it brings to mind health food supplements to boost immunities and digestive health. Interestingly, however, the benefits of “good” bacteria go far beyond diet. In fact, their digestive action makes them an excellent addition to standard home cleaning and maintenance supplies, as Bionetix® outlines in the suggestions below.

General Cleaning

Probiotic cleaners contain beneficial microorganisms that help digest organic residues such as grease, proteins, and starches that soil and stain surfaces. Bionetix® International’s ECO-CLEANALL TABS™ combine these biologicals with biodegradable surfactants for powerful cleaning action. ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS are highly economical and convenient: users simply add one tablet to a spray bottle filled with 500 mL of tap water, allow the tablet to dissolve for a few minutes, and gently mix if desired. The solution may be sprayed on surfaces and used like a normal cleaner, but with ongoing residual effects. Typical applications include hard floors, carpets, bathrooms, kitchen floors, garbage bins, and other dirty or odorous surfaces. Areas with tough stains can be spot treated with Bionetix® ECO STAIN-OFF. This surface stain cleaner or laundry pre-soak contains enzymes and probiotics that attack and digest stains especially enzymatic stains such as blood, grass, and milk, but also grease, tomato sauce, and dirt. 

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Another great place for probiotics is in garbage disposals, which are a breeding ground for bad odors and typically need a weekly clean and freshen treatment. However, with probiotics, routine cleaning has longer-lasting effects. For instance, Bionetix® ECO-DISPOSAL is a foaming cleaner and freshener that leaves garbage disposals, sinks, and drains clean and fresh while preventing blockages. Each water-soluble pouch contains billions of beneficial probiotics that awaken upon contact with water and start digesting organic waste. These probiotics cling to garbage disposal and drain walls to continue digesting odor-causing compounds. ECODISPOSAL also leaves behind a fresh fragrance.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Many homes rely on septic tanks for sewage handling and treatment. These systems must have a healthy microbial population to digest the waste. Unfortunately, these helpful microbes can be decimated by harsh chemicals such as root killers and bleaches that must be used occasionally. To get the system back in balance, homeowners can add probiotic supplements that replenish the bacteria count. Due to its extra high concentration of beneficial bacteria, BIOBOOSTER 1T is great for this purpose after especially hard shocks to the septic system. Other septic treatments with lower probiotic concentrations include FIZZY-TAB (convenient 5 g and 22 g tablets) and ECO-SEPT (a more budget-friendly powder), which only need to be added once a month for maintenance once the system is in balance. Regular addition of probiotics like these can also save on pumping costs by reducing sludge buildup.

Make Probiotics Part of Your Routine

Home maintenance is a big part of everyday duties for many. Interestingly, probiotics can improve life for homeowners in a variety of ways simply as part of routine cleaning and maintenance activities. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about these home maintenance tips and to stock up on probiotics.

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