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Product Description

ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™ are biodetergent concentrate in tablet form. These tablets are formulated to dissolve in water to create a liquid biological cleaning solution specifically designed to eliminate organic soils from a wide variety of surfaces including carpet, tile flooring, fabric, and upholstery. This powerful combination of biodegradable surfactants and probiotics digests grease, oil, protein, fat, starch, and other solid organic wastes to maintain a clean, odor-free facility. Probiotics in ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™ keep working to ensure that cleaning and odor removal continue long after the initial product application.

Packaging and Storage

Available in water-soluble tablets (2,000 x 5 g per 10 kg plastic pail) and custom packaging.
Store in a cool, dry location. Packaging must be kept intact, dry, and away from sunlight. Please follow the recommendations and use the product before the best before date. Contact Bionetix® with questions. Avoid inhalation and eye contact. Avoid excessive skin contact.

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For SDS information, please contact Bionetix® at [email protected]