Bionetix® International has just expanded its selection of biofertilizers for agriculture! SOIL-BAC™ Premium is a new version of SOIL-BAC™ that can boost atmospheric nitrogen independent of symbiotic relationships with plants. This makes SOIL-BAC™ Premium a great option for early spring soil treatment and throughout the growing season!

Helping Plants Grow
SOIL-BAC™ Premium has several features that help plants grow. First, it contains plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and mycorrhizae—two beneficial microorganisms that promote decomposition of organic material in the soil. These increase active soil biomass and make phosphorus and other nutrients more available to plants. They also help improve soil structure and conditions by digesting debris and pesticide residue. Furthermore, SOIL-BAC™ Premium contains beneficial vitamins, trace minerals, and other nutrients essential to plant growth. While regular SOIL-BAC™ does include bacteria that enhance atmospheric-nitrogen-fixation (making this critical nutrient more available to plant roots), it can do so only by forming a symbiotic relationship with plants. SOIL-BAC™ Premium goes a step beyond with the addition of a bacteria strain that can function as a free-living organism in the soil. This gives an extra boost of nitrogen to soil even before plants are fully grown, making it ideal for spring planting.

Where to Apply SOIL-BAC™ Premium
SOIL-BAC™ Premium has a wide range of potential applications—as diverse as the crops that grow in the fields. Farmers can use it to promote the healthy growth of fruits, vegetables, grains, or sod. Landscapers can include it in their routine lawn care services for homes or businesses. Golf courses and sports fields, where grass is a focal point of maintenance, can also promote healthier turf by using SOIL-BAC™ Premium.

When to Apply SOIL-BAC™ Premium
Bioaugmentation with SOIL-BAC™ Premium should begin in the spring when the ground temperature has reached 15-24 °C (59-75 °F). At least eight applications are recommended throughout the season, and more are recommended under periods of high stress—it is not possible to apply too much of this soil- enriching biofertilizer! The rate of application is based on the size of the field—more for greens, tees, and farm fields; slightly less for fairways and sport fields. SOIL-BAC™ Premium can be applied using a sprayer or by adding it to the irrigation system for convenience.

So Much More Than Fertilizer
Application of traditional fertilizers can be helpful, but SOIL-BAC™ Premium offers so much more by harnessing natural mechanisms that boost the healthy biological functions at work in the soil. Instead of just adding macronutrients, SOIL-BAC™ Premium acts as a biofertilizer that helps plants make better use of the nutrients already at their root tips, promoting healthier crops and a lower risk of disease. Get ready for healthier crops, lawns, and fields by adding SOIL BAC™ Premium to your planting and lawn care routine this spring! Contact Bionetix® to get started:

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