We are pleased to report that Bionetix® International has passed its ISO 9001:2015 recertification audit! After a long period of virtual audits due to the pandemic, the quality management system audit took place in person once again on January 5th-6th, with Michel Morin of SGS finding no major or minor non-conformities. His survey led to the general conclusion that the quality management system at Bionetix® is “robust and well implemented,” employees are competent with the system, and responses to customers are timely and thorough.

The audit trail included results of a customer satisfaction survey sent out to some of our largest customers in November 2022. Based on feedback, the highest rated areas for Bionetix® are customer service (92% rating) and quality (94% rating). In addition to meeting its customer satisfaction goals, Bionetix® once again met its target of 95% on time shipments. Furthermore, the auditor noted in his general observation that “commitment to quality is very evident by the continuous involvement of the Leadership Team on an ongoing basis. The system is well maintained.”

Maintenance of quality management system certification helps ensure that Bionetix® products and services consistently meet the expectations and requirements of our customers and spurs us on to more efficient and improved customer satisfaction. We are proud to have successfully passed our recertification audit and look forward to continued improvement of our service to you, our customers! Contact us with questions and feedback:

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