Today’s cleaning and maintenance landscape encompasses a growing “green” culture that emphasizes sustainability and environmental protection. But some things remain the same. A bad smell is still a bad smell, and facilities of all kinds still need routine cleaning. The exciting news is that Bionetix® has made it possible to tackle two maintenance problems at once with its new five-in-one probiotic cleaner/odor neutralizer concentrate, HYGIEA2401, for more efficient cleaning and deodorization.

Dual Cleaning and Odor Control
The primary advantage of HYGIEA2401™ concentrate is that it cleans surfaces and neutralizes odors simultaneously, making cleanup faster and easier. Furthermore, instead of simply masking over odors with a powerful fragrance, HYGIEA2401™ destroys the odor-causing compounds themselves for long-lasting impact. HYGIEA2401™ is a probiotic cleaning concentrate that works in five ways:

1. Physically, by encapsulating molecules that cause bad odors
2. Chemically, by binding substances that cause bad odors
3. Biologically, by degrading and digesting organic odor-causing molecules
4. Thoroughly, by tackling the source of the smell and cleaning it off with strong, biodegradable detergents
5. Pleasantly, by covering malodors immediately with specially-formulated long-lasting fragrances.

These mechanisms provide a powerful combination for tackling almost any multipurpose cleaning task where odors are strong. The following cleaning applications are perfect candidates.

Garbage and Recycling Facilities/Containers
Garbage pails, garbage cans, garbage trucks, and dumpsters are notoriously smelly. With today’s expanding “circular economy,” the odors once confined to these receptacles are now showing up in regular or organics recycling bins full of empty milk cartons or rotting banana peels. HYGIEA2401™ is great for cleaning and deodorizing these containers where bad smells often linger.

Bathrooms, Fitness Centers, and Pet Rooms
Restrooms are another environment that need regular cleaning and odor control, especially public restrooms where spilling is common under toilets and urinals. Fitness centers battle sweat and body odors in addition to standard cleanup. Pets, however lovable and well trained, are another source of filth and odor left behind on cat-boxes, kennels, and even around the house on carpet and furniture. HYGIEA2401™ is great for cleaning these high odor areas because it can simultaneously provide long-term deodorization on a variety of hard and fabric surfaces.

Choose Greater, ‘Greener’ Cleaning Efficiency
HYGIEA2401™ offers great flexibility as a concentrate that comes in 10X and 20X versions. For starters, shipping and storing a concentrate is more economical than transporting and storing a ready-to-use (RTU) product. Furthermore, cleaning supply companies can dilute HYGIEA2401™ and repackage it into their own custom formulation, or large account cleaning services can buy it in bulk for their own use. Whatever the case, the probiotic cleaning and deodorizing power of HYGIEA2401™ offers great efficiency to tackle smelly cleaning tasks with a “green” cleaner that is gentler on the environment. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about HYGIEA2401™ for cleaning and odor control needs:

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