If you have ever taken a long trip by bus, plane, RV, or boat, you know how necessary yet unpleasant a portable toilet can be. The same is true for many who have used portable restroom facilities at a park or event. As time goes on, the sights and smells of waste get increasingly worse without sufficient masking. To counter these unpleasantries better than ever, Bionetix® International has introduced a new, improved version of its biological portable toilet treatment: PORTA-TREAT™ P Premium.

PORTA-TREAT™ P Premium treats and deodorizes portable toilets and mobile systems aboard vehicles with even more fragrance and better visual coverage of waste than the previous two versions of PORTA-TREAT™ P. As always, PORTA-TREAT™ Premium introduces beneficial microorganisms to the system that digest organic waste and continue working in the retention tank long after application. This probiotic portable toilet treatment does not contain formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals and has no adverse effects on waste or sewage treatment plants. All the components are readily biodegradable.

PORTA-TREAT™ P Premium is easy to store and apply—no measuring, waste, or mess involved. Simply toss one of these water-soluble packages (per 20 L) into the portable toilet after emptying and cleaning the retention tank. The pouches will dissolve and leave behind a deep blue color with a pleasant fragrance to make your or your customers’ next portable toilet experience more agreeable. PORTA-TREAT™ P Premium is an excellent option to consider when maintaining the following mobile components (especially when cleaning or access to a dumping station will be delayed):

  • Portable toilets
  • Holding tanks
  • Mobile restroom systems aboard vehicles, RVs, marine vessels, aircraft, and public transportation

Whether you own, maintain, or simply use portable toilets, PORTA-TREAT™ P Premium is a great way to make portable restrooms more tolerable with better odor control and visual masking. Contact Bionetix® International to learn more about this premium version of PORTA-TREAT™ P for portable toilet maintenance: https://www.bionetix-international.com/contact-us/

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