As small as they sometimes are, stains are a nuisance and source of anxiety and embarrassment. They raise questions such as, “Will my new carpet ever be the same after the kids spilled chocolate milk on it?” or “What can I do if spaghetti sauce splatters all over my white shirt at an important business dinner?” Fortunately, Bionetix® International’s new ECO STAIN-OFF™ is here to make life easier for you by being tough on stains.

ECO STAIN-OFF™ is a biological-based stain remover that works on a variety of fabrics, textiles, and hard surfaces. It contains naturally-derived free enzymes and probiotics that attack and digest stains. It is especially effective on enzymatic stains such as blood, grass, milk, chocolate, and chocolate milk. It is also great for cleaning other soils and stains such as wine, food, dirt, greases, oils, and tomato sauces.

ECO STAIN-OFF™ is easy to use and safe on skin. Simply spray the soiled material with ECO STAIN-OFF™ and leave it to sit for a while, allowing the enzymes to work. Then rinse out by hand or wash as normal in a washing machine.

ECO STAIN-OFF™ was tested on seven different types of stains. In each case, ECO STAIN-OFF™ made a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness of the pre-stained swatches compared to those that remained untreated and unwashed. In many cases, it was difficult to even detect that the fabrics treated with ECO STAIN-OFF™ had even been stained.

In a world filled with mistakes and accidents, there are plenty of times ECO STAIN-OFF™ is needed. It can be used as both a surface stain cleaner and as a laundry pre-soak for tough stains. It is an excellent option for both home and professional laundering, custodial services, and as a pocket stain cleaner for spills or accidents away from home (e.g., at restaurants or while travelling). Contact Bionetix® to be ready next time you need to remove spaghetti, blood, ink, ketchup, or other stains naturally:!

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