Bionetix® International’s visit to ISSA Amsterdam, May 10th-13th, was a great window into the world of cleaning technology trends. The team of six from the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Croatia saw an obvious shift toward more environmentally friendly cleaners, with a strong interest in the probiotics that Bionetix® sells. Drawing on a combined stock of six languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Croatian), the Bionetix® team was able to make many positive connections with international guests. Overall, it was a great opportunity to build relationships with current distributors and key clients.

Many attendees wanted to learn more about how Bionetix
® probiotic technologies work alone and in conjunction with traditional cleaning products. There was a special interest in HYGIEA™ and ABC Series concentrates by manufacturers and formulators looking to add biological cleaning mechanisms (bacteria and enzymes) to their products for synergy and improved sustainability. Other areas of interest were wastewater treatment, bioremediation, odor control, private labeling, food industry products, institutional cleanup, and more.

ISSA Amsterdam was also a great time to meet potential new suppliers with improved raw materials and production equipment possibilities. Furthermore, the team gained exposure to new field research that broadened its own understanding of the technology and will help to inform future business activities.

Thanks to all who stopped by the Bionetix® booth. It will be exciting to see how the industry develops as Bionetix® works to meet the needs of this intriguing shift in the cleaning paradigm!

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