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Bionetix® International is excited to release ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™, a biodetergent concentrate in tablet form! This new product makes “green” cleaning and odor control possible with a product that reduces plastic waste and is more economical to ship and store.

Probiotic Cleaning Tablets

ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™ dissolve in water to create a liquid biological cleaning solution specifically designed to eliminate organic soils from a wide variety of surfaces including carpet, tile, flooring, fabric, and upholstery. This powerful combination of biodegradable surfactants and probiotics digests grease, oil, protein, fat, starch, and other solid organic wastes to maintain a clean, odor-free facility. Probiotics in ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™ keep working to ensure that cleaning and odor removal continue long after the initial product application. New Probiotic Cleaner from Bionetix® International Reduces Plastic Waste!

Reducing Plastic and Energy Consumption

By designing a probiotic cleaner in tablet form, Bionetix® has significantly reduced the amount of plastic needed to package a biological concentrate or ready-to-use (RTU) cleaner. For example, hundreds of plastic bottles would be required to transport and store the same amount of RTU cleaner that can be reconstituted from a 10 kg pail of ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™. In contrast, users of ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™ can add one tablet at a time to 500 mL of tap water in a reusable spray bottle. In addition to reducing plastic, this saves on storage space and reduces energy consumption for shipping and handling.

Residual Cleaning Power

Cleaning solutions made from ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™ can be sprayed onto both hard surfaces and fabrics and used like standard industrial and institutional cleaners. An added feature is that microorganisms in ECOCLEAN-ALL TABS™ offer ongoing cleaning and odor control power by helping digest organic residues on soiled surfaces. These probiotics continue to work even after discharge to the sewer, thus helping remove malodors in pipes and septic tanks.

ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™ are available in a variety of fragrances and colors for a wide range of uses. Contact Bionetix® to learn more: https://www.bionetix-international.com/contact-us/

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