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October 19, 2021

Farmers face many challenges that can affect their final yield. Soil health is an especially key factor that directly impacts crop health. The ability of plants to get good nourishment from the soil, form healthy roots, and readily access water is closely related and works to promote healthier crops overall. This in turn encourages better disease resistance and higher yields. With these goals in mind, Bionetix® International helps farmers boost the rich organic matter and restore the healthy structure of the soil by supplying the beneficial microorganisms and nutrients of ORGANIC PLUS™ and ORGANIC PLUS™ RH. With these biological soil amendments, farmers can take the natural path toward healthier soil and plants.

Enhance the Natural Fertility of Soil
ORGANIC PLUS™ is a highly effective natural plant biostimulant and soil microbial enhancer. It contains high concentrations of humic and fulvic acids, marine plants, and micronutrients. It helps to increase crop yield by amending the soil with nutrients and microorganisms that enhance the natural fertility of the soil. It is also available as ORGANIC PLUS™ RH, a rhamnolipid version that provides added natural benefits to plants. ORGANIC PLUS™ / RH promotes plant health in many different ways:

• Fertilizes soil
• Enhances seed germination
• Chelates and colloidalizes fertilizers (to promote better nutrient uptake)
• Enhances root formation
• Enhances bacterial activity
• Improves water availability

In addition to direct application to soil and young crops, ORGANIC PLUS™ can also be used for hydroponic plants or as a seed soak/dip.

Positive Results from Field Testing
ORGANIC PLUS™ was applied in conjunction with SOIL-BAC™ to a half-acre (0.2-hectare) soybean test field in the summer of 2018. The goal was to suppress replant failure where the stress of two crops per season had resulted in a crop yield of only 30 percent. Soil analysis found a more stable and finer aggregate after product application. While surrounding fields experienced heavy crop losses (approximately 40% replant failure) because of excessive drought and blight, soybeans in the test zone experienced an extremely good germination rate and normal growth with a 100 percent yield.

ORGANIC PLUS™ RH (rhamnolipid version) was tested on an 86-acre (35-hectare) potato field in 2019 where potato scab had severely affected previous crops. Potato scab was virtually eliminated in this test area. The results were credited to the synergistic action of rhamnolipids and other naturally derived ingredients in ORGANIC PLUS™ RH helping control the problem through natural mechanisms.

While the normal path to healthy growth and disease resistance is sometimes to pour on excess fertilizers and pesticides, ORGANIC PLUS™ takes a more natural approach by replenishing the soil with beneficial microorganisms and a smart balance of nutrients to improve crop health and fertility.

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