We are more than proud to announce that Boris Miksic, Croatian-American entrepreneur, received “Vecernjakova domovnica” award, in the most important category – Person of the year. “Vecernjakova domovnica” is the annual award given since 2006 to the most successful Croats living outside the borders of their homeland. The award is given by most prestige Croatian daily newspapers, Vecernji List in the German city of Bad Homburg. On Saturday, March 4, a large award ceremony was held, with 400 guests attending from the world of politics, business, sports, culture and music. Members of numerous Croatian communities from all over the world gathered at the prestigious Kurhaus Congress Hall. The ceremony was also held under the sponsorship of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, and under the sponsorship of the Croatian Heritage Foundation. “This annual award ceremony, welcoming such large number of successful people is not only the most important social event for people of Croatian roots, but also a big and exciting event for Bad Homburg”, said Mayor of Bad Homburg, Alexander Hetjes during the event.

A successful Croatian American entrepreneur, Boris Mikšić, is the CEO of Cortec® Corporation, global manufacturer of green corrosion inhibitors. His ten production plants and logistic centars are located all over the world. For the last decade, he has worked with his team to brand Croatia as the central European point for environmentally safe corrosion protection technologies His EU plant, EcoCortec, exports patented VCI/VpCI products that are manufactured in Croatia, all over the world. Boris Miksic graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zagreb and emigrated to USA in 1977.

He founded his own company, Cortec® Corporation, in a garage. Cortec® became a global leader in the field of corrosion inhibitors. Boris Miksic is the owner of 65 patents in the USA, Canada, Europe, France and Japan and has published about a hundred scientific papers. He is is the coauthor of four technical books. Mr. Miksic has been actively participating in the development of Croatian economy for decades. For his special services in the economy he was appointed honorary consul general of the Republic of Croatia in USA. In 2004, he decided to invest more seriously in his homeland and launched EcoCortec® plant.

Today, EcoCortec is one of the biggest VCI plants in Europe. More than 90% of its assortment is exported to Europe, Asia and the USA. In 2016, he opened production facility and logistics center near Split, where Cortec’s chemical products are manufactured. Plant in Split has recently been 100% powered by solar energy, since company’s goal is to use its own energy resources. Croatian plants supply the world’s largest car manufacturers: Mercedes, Volvo, Ford, Toyota and other important systems such as Bosch, IBM, General Electric, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce Group, Končar, Ministry of Defense and much more. Boris Miskic is a well know humanitarian who has been helping numerous organizations in Croatia for decades. During the Croatian War of Independence, he was one of the first Croatians abroad to organize much needed aid to war-torn Croatia. 

President of Croatian Parliament who also attended the ceremony, made a speech in which he reminded of the strong ties between Croatians outside the country and their homeland: “These are such inspirational stories of people who have established themselves in the countries where they live and achieved incredible success. At the same time, they remained firmly connected with the homeland.” He thanked them for the help they provided to their country during the hardest times of war and now. “It was not easy to explain the truth about Croatia at a time when the country was just being born and when we were going through brutal aggression and we needed help. Croats outside Croatia were one of the first to reach out in many ways and helped to defend our country”.

“It is hard to explain how much this award means to me”, said Mr Miksic. “My vision for Croatia was always to be stable, prosperous country that it is today. Decades ago, I imagined it to be a crucial point for developing our environmentally safe technologies because I was aware of its potential. Today, my team and I turned our dream into reality and I run most of my business from here. We became a green hub of Europe for green VCI technologies and have big plans for the future“!

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