BCP22 Sunset in Guatemala City

October 12, 2021

Our Bionetix® distributor ECOTEC has reported outstanding results from using BCP22™ and ECO-DRAIN™ in restaurants in Guatemala! They currently supply this pair of Bionetix® biological treatments to help a total of 68 restaurants maintain grease traps and reduce and prevent bad smells and drainage clogging. Here’s how they got started on this successful treatment plan.

In 2016, ECOTEC began using BCP22™ to help wastewater treatment plants that had problems with excess fats. They later marketed it to restaurants, starting with a two-month trial at five restaurants. After seeing positive results, they started recommending it for use to every restaurant client, starting with 30 restaurants and increasing to 68. One of these restaurants is a very famous restaurant that saw a big improvement in grease trap odor and clogging problems after using BCP22.

Before using Bionetix® biologicals, restaurants had few options. They could try to get rid of bad smells by applying hot water or chemicals down the drain. One of them even did a trial with a competitor’s biological product, but nothing worked as well as BCP22. ECOTEC eventually added ECO-DRAIN™ to the treatment plan to extend the solution to restaurant drain systems.

It only takes about one minute to apply each product daily. During the first 15 days, a double-strength shock-dose of product is added to establish a good microbial colony in the grease trap and drains. After that, the restaurant staff only needs to add one or two pouches a day to the kitchen sink, floor drains, and/or soda machine drains. ECOTEC provides training to the restaurant staff and helpful guides to make regular application easy.

If you want to have the same success with grease trap and drain maintenance as ECOTEC has seen with its 68 restaurant clients, be sure to contact Bionetix® today to learn more about these two biotechnologies: https://www.bionetix-international.com/contact-us/.

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