Dirty Grease trap, grease recovery device collects and reduces fats, oils and greases.

October 26, 2021

Do you ever groan when it comes to dealing with grease traps? Fats, oils, and greases can build up quickly for restaurants and other food industry facilities that process high fat content. Grease traps are there to keep too much fat from going into the sewer, but, unfortunately, grease still tends to build up, overflow, and create bad odors. The good news is that we are seeing real life successes with BCP22™ and ECO-TRAP™ treatments from Bionetix® International!

Just this year, a canned fish factory in Russia began applying these biological products to their grease traps. The facility, which operates 24/7, had so much fat built up in the grease trap that it completely obscured the water. The factory uses seawater in its production processes, and this can potentially slow FOG (fats, oils, and greases) digestion. However, after biological treatment with BCP22™ and ECO-TRAP™ started, the fat began to gradually decrease even in the presence of high chloride wastewater (17,000 mg/L). In just two months, 70% of the
water surface was clear and only 30% was still covered by fat! The product success has led the factory to continue ordering the products and start planning experiments at some of their other corporate group locations. Stay tuned for more developments!

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