Spring and fall are common times for fertilizer application. While this lawncare task is a great way to grow healthy grass, ECO-TURF™ goes farther by introducing microorganisms and biostimulants into the equation for a “greener” method of turf building!

ECO-TURF™ is a biofertilizer rich in organic based nutrients that nourish plants and the soil. For example, humic and fulvic acids foster a healthy growing environment, and natural surfactants serve as wetting agents to reduce stress on grass in drought conditions. ECO-TURF™ also contains plant extracts that work as natural growth hormones to boost healthy grass development. A concentrated supply of non-pathogenic bacteria (75 million CFU/g) in ECO-TURF™ further promotes turf growth by decomposing debris to enrich the soil and make nutrients more accessible.

ECO-TURF™ can be used on all types of turf grass in warm and cool seasons. To sum up the benefits: it improves turf vigor, decreases the effects of stress, and develops overall balanced growth. It is a great replacement for standard fertilizers at regular application times wherever healthier grass is desired:

  • Home or business lawns
  • Sod farms
  • Sports fields
  • Golf courses

Whether you are wrapping up outdoor work in the Northern Hemisphere or just starting to enjoy the spring green popping out in the Southern Hemisphere, consider putting the natural benefits of ECO-TURF™ to work to make the grass greener and healthier on your side of the fence. Contact Bionetix® for additional tips on growing a healthier lawn with naturally derived lawn treatments: https://www.bionetix-international.com/contact-us/

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