After two years of pandemic travel limitations, it was a pleasure to see Bionetix® customers face-to-face again at the ISSA North America convention!

Although overall traffic was slower than normal at the November 16th-18th conference in Las Vegas, the Bionetix® booth still attracted a good number of visitors. Our team was able to speak with a variety of cleaning industry professionals representing septic tank maintenance, restaurant and grease trap maintenance, wholesale chemicals, wastewater treatment, and cleaning product distribution.

These guests came looking for the ecologically friendly “green” cleaners, biologicals, and enzymatic treatments that make Bionetix® stand out from conventional chemicals thanks to underlying “probiotics” technology. They were also interested in how to secure these biological products in the most economical and/or convenient delivery systems, such as concentrates, tabs, and blocs.

We are thankful for those who stopped by to talk “green” cleaning technologies and look forward to the potential for further conversations in the future! Contact us any time to learn more:

Keywords: Bionetix, ISSA, green cleaning technologies, probiotics, cleaning industry, cleaning products, septic tank maintenance, grease trap maintenance, ecofriendly cleaners

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