Do you ever wonder if, how, and why Bionetix® products work? A recent test at Bionetix® laboratories in Montreal serves as a great visual answer to these questions by showing bio-enzymes in action.

The Bio-Enzyme Mechanism
The key power behind many Bionetix® products is their enzyme production and action. Specially selected non-pathogenic bacteria in these formulations produce enzymes that target and digest specific waste substances. For example, bacteria that produce amylase can digest starches. Bacteria that produce cellulase can digest the cellulose in plant fibers. Protease producers digest proteins; lipase producers digest fats; and so on.

Enzyme Action Demo
To confirm that all four enzymes of HYGIEA2000™ were at work, Bionetix® tested this multi-purpose organic-waste-cleanup, odor-control, and wastewater-treatment concentrate. HYGIEA2000™ was added to four petri dishes that each contained a different media representing starch, cellulose, protein, or lipids. A positive control (good producer of enzymes) and a negative control (poor producer of enzymes) were also added to each dish for comparison. A halo around each microbial colony showed where enzymes were at work digesting their “food source,” i.e., the media. HYGIEA2000™ produced halos in all four substances, demonstrating the product to be an active producer of amylase, cellulase, protease, and lipase as intended!

Probiotic Solutions for Many Industries
HYGIEA2000™ is just one example of the great probiotic cleanup solutions Bionetix® has for multiple industries thanks to the power of microbial enzymatic action. To learn more about how and where HYGIEA2000™ and other Bionetix® green cleaning concentrates can be used, please visit:

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