NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Releases Probiotic Cleaner for Garbage Disposal Maintenance!

June 6, 2022

Bionetix® is pleased to announce the release of ECO-DISPOSAL, a new foaming garbage disposal cleaner and freshener with probiotics! While standard garbage disposal cleaners often have to be used weekly to clean out the organic waste residues that can collect and produce bad kitchen drain odors, Bionetix® adds probiotics to its formula for extra, long-lasting garbage disposal maintenance power.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is a foaming cleaner and freshener that contains billions of beneficial probiotics per pouch. These probiotics wake up when in contact with water and start digesting organic waste. After the initial treatment, the probiotics cling to the garbage disposal and drain walls for ongoing long-term waste digestion and garbage disposal maintenance benefits. By continuing to digest organic residue, ECO-DISPOSAL™ helps combat drain clogging and garbage disposal odors, likely reducing garbage disposal cleaning frequency.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is easy to apply. Simply run some warm water (35- 45 °C [95-113 °F]) into an empty garbage disposal that is turned off and insert an ECO-DISPOSAL™ pouch. Next, turn on the garbage disposal for just a few seconds, allowing foam to appear. The foam will recede after turning off the water and garbage disposal. A quick rinse with water completes the process, leaving behind a fresh smell and helpful living organisms to continue waste digestion!

This new probiotic garbage disposal cleaner is great for both private homeowners and commercial food industry establishments. In addition to drain and garbage disposal maintenance, it can be used to clean and maintain septic tanks, repopulating them with a healthy microbial colony for ongoing waste digestion. Contact Bionetix® today to learn about adding ECO-DISPOSALto your garbage disposal or septic system:

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Get Ready to Put Bio-Enzyme Cleaners into Action!

April 27, 2022

What if you could use the power of nature to clean your driveways, carpets, laundry, and bathroom floors? You can with Bionetix® bio-enzyme cleaners, a “green” cleaning technology that uses the synergistic power of microorganisms, bio-enzymes, and biodegradable surfactants to clean away waste materials, stains, and odors. Here is a closer look at how they work and can benefit you.

The Power of Bio-Enzyme Cleaners
A defining characteristic of bio-enzyme cleaners is the biological activity of “good” bacteria and the enzymes they produce. Microorganisms are part of nature’s biodegradation cycle. In order to supply themselves with food and nutrients to support their basic metabolic functions, microorganisms produce enzymes that help them digest and consume wastes from the surrounding environment. This same natural mechanism adds power to the cleaning process. By incorporating nonpathogenic “good” bacteria and free enzymes into cleaning products, formulators can direct this natural digestive mechanism against wastes and stains. The action, in turn, helps with odor control by removing the source of the odor. Residual microorganisms left on the surfaces continue to penetrate and digest contaminants even after the initial cleaning.

Where Can Bio-Enzyme Cleaners Be Used?

Bio-enzyme formulations can be added to a variety of cleaning products:

  • Surface cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Laundry detergents
  • Vehicle washing fluids

Specific end uses include cleaning oil stains off concrete driveways, removing soap scum from bathroom tile, cleaning heavily stained industrial laundry, and solving odor problems on carpets and upholstery. Bio-enzyme cleaners can even be sprayed nightly into kitchen and bathroom sinks to keep drainpipes clean and clear of residual wastes and foul odors.

Bionetix® Bio-Enzymes in Many Forms
Bionetix® bio-enzymatic cleaners come in many forms to make this technology adaptable to your needs. The most straightforward options are ready-to-use (RTU) products such as ECOCLEAN-ALL™ (multipurpose cleaning of hard surfaces, fabric, and drains), ECO-WASH™ (bioenzyme cleaner for washing vehicles), and EN-Z-CLEAN™ (bio-enzymatic laundry detergent). HYGIEA™ concentrates are another option for distributors who prefer to dilute and make their own ready-to-use products. Finally, the ABC Series is ideal for formulators who want to blend a concentrated “good” bacteria base into existing cleaning products to boost the cleaning power of their own formulations.

Whatever your role as formulator, distributor, or end user, there is a bio-enzyme cleaner for you! Contact us today to try these “greener” cleaners for yourself and get ready to put the power of bio-enzymes into action:

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It’s Time to Make the Grass Greener on Your Side of the Fence – Naturally!

Almost everyone enjoys seeing lush green grass, especially on their own property. One of the drawbacks is that this typically involves routine application of weed killers and synthetic fertilizers. While the aesthetic results look beautiful, the treatment rarely makes lawn owners feel better about their contribution to the environment. Bionetix® changes the whole picture with its natural fertilizers for healthier grass.

How Can You Get a Better Lawn Naturally?

Bionetix® natural lawn treatments harness the biological processes already existing in nature to improve grass health and turf vigor in several ways:

  • Improving water and nutrient absorption
  • Fertilizing the soil with naturally derived nutrients
  • Enhancing the overall growing environment
  • Adding beneficial microorganisms that enrich the soil via better debris decomposition

All these aspects work together to create a healthier grass root and plant even in stressed conditions. Two naturally-derived products in particular combine to make a great turf vigor support team.

ECO-TURF™ + ORGANIC PLUS™ = A Great Lawncare Team!

ECO-TURF™ ORGANIC PLUS™ are similar in many ways, but also different. Both contain humic and fulvic acids, which promote a healthy growing environment and good nutrient absorption. Both ECO-TURF™ and ORGANIC PLUS™ add nutrients to the soil to nourish the grass. Both contain natural surfactants that work as wetting agents to promote the uptake and efficient use of water even in dry conditions, thus reducing the stress of drought on plants. Altogether, these characteristics enhance root formation and plant growth by giving the grass the resources it needs to thrive.

ECO-TURF™ has an added advantage in that it contains 75 million CFU/g of beneficial bacteria that work as a microbial powerhouse to improve the condition of the soil. This “biofertilizer” promotes the decomposition of debris in the soil, making the soil richer and promoting more vigorous turf through bioaugmentation. ORGANIC PLUS™ is an excellent companion to support the process by providing additional nutrients and biostimulants that enhance bacterial activity, encourage the uptake of nutrients, and deliver other natural benefits to the soil and grass. ECO-TURF™ and ORGANIC PLUS™ can be used separately to naturally support lawn health, but they are even more powerful as a lawncare team together.

Who Can Benefit from Natural Lawn Amendments?

There are many potential people and places that can benefit from these two naturally derived lawn treatments. Professional lawn care companies can please their clients –  homeowners, businesses, and housing associations – by promoting healthy, vigorous grass. They can also have the upper hand on other lawn care service providers by emphasizing their reliance on natural treatment methods that may reduce the need for other chemicals. Sod farms stand to benefit by promoting a more vigorous, thicker crop with balanced growth. The same technologies can be used at the golf course on greens, fairways, or in the rough where lush grass is an integral part of the golfing experience. Even those tasked with sports fields maintenance can help the soccer or football field thrive by choosing these natural lawn amendments. The products are simple to apply by mixing with water and spraying thoroughly over the grass. ORGANIC PLUS™ should be applied every five days. ECO-TURF™ should be applied every two to four weeks and can be used in both warm and cool seasons.

It’s Time to Improve Turf Vigor

With ORGANIC PLUS™ and ECOTURF, there is essentially no reason why you cannot make the grass greener on your side of the fence. Even better, with the support of these two products, you can do so naturally and feel good about what you are putting into the environment. Contact Bionetix® today for further assistance to get the grass growing greener on your side of the fence:

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How to Choose the Right Bionetix® Rx for a Cleaner, Healthier Environment

Deciding to use biological technologies to clean up is a great first step in choosing a “greener” path to waste treatment and environmental or institutional cleanup. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. A tailored approach is the best path to success because it tackles contaminants more directly and efficiently to make the most of your treatment efforts. The following questions will help you choose the right prescription for your application.

Question 1: What Industry Do You Work In?
Bionetix® biotechnologies are versatile enough to cover a broad range of industries:

  • Waste Treatment
  • Industrial & Institutional Clean Solutions
  • Agricultural Treatments
  • Animal Feed
  • And more!

Each industry has its own common waste and cleanup problems with a range of specialized biological treatments already in place from which to choose.

Question 2: What Is the Main Problem?
Is your grease trap overflowing? Are your drains clogged? Is your wastewater system out of balance? Are you looking for odor control solutions? Identifying the main problem will help your Bionetix® representative understand the situation and narrow down the type of treatment and product format needed.

Question 3: What Kind of Contaminants Are You Dealing with?
This question is especially important because of the nature of bioaugmentation, which involves adding “good” bacteria to speed up the decomposition of wastes in the target application. Some bacteria are better at producing enzymes that digest oils and greases, and others are better at digesting starches or specific chemicals. For example, if you are dealing with industrial waste from a chemical company, you may want to choose a product like BCP11™ that is suited to target chemical waste. If you are treating manure, you will probably want BCP80™. When cleaning hard surfaces, BCL5000™ is the best choice for cleaning up hydrocarbons, while ECOCLEAN-ALL™ is better for organic fats, oils, and greases. Many more product offerings exist correlated to specific types of industrial contaminants.

Question 4: Do You Want a Ready-to-Use (RTU) Product or a Concentrate?
In many situations, it is easier for distributors and end users to simply order Bionetix® biologicals in final RTU form. However, if you are a product formulator or have other shipping or application parameters to take into consideration, a concentrate could be the best option. Choosing the right Bionetix® prescription is an important decision to make, and we are here to help. Contact us to discuss the answers to these questions and make the right prescription for your application:

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NEWS ALERT: Meet Us in Amsterdam for ‘Green’ Cleaning Solutions!

In just a few weeks, our Bionetix® International team will be making its way from different parts of the world to Amsterdam for the ISSA INTERCLEAN convention. Known as “The World’s Leading Tradeshow for Cleaning and Hygiene Professionals,” this gathering is a great place to renew old relationships with Bionetix®/Cortec® representatives and also make new connections in the cleaning industry.

In a day when society is looking for “greener” cleaning options, Bionetix® biotechnology is especially relevant as an alternative to harsher chemicals. Our bio-enzymatic cleaners change the way you can attack a cleaning job, by adding the power of bioaugmentation into the formula. Whether you are a cleaning product distributor or formulator, INTERCLEAN is a great opportunity to learn more about how these cleaners harness natural processes by introducing good bacteria and free bio-enzymes to digest unwanted grease and grime and boost cleaning power.

Our team of experts will include our inhouse chemist from Bionetix® International headquarters in Canada. We will also have representatives from the US, Croatia, and Italy. This is a rare opportunity to have this diverse team together in one spot. Come with your bio-enzyme cleaning, formulating, and distribution questions and prepare to get business done with a group of specialists who are normally not in one place all at the same time!

May 10th-13th, 2022
RAI Amsterdam
1078 GZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Booth # 02.405

Register now:

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PRESS RELEASE: Microbes and MICRO 14™: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Little Things for a Healthier Environment

Healthy microbial activity is one important key to a healthy environment. Microbes are an important part of the biodegradation process that breaks down waste materials into harmless substances or improves the richness of organic material for plant growth. However, these microbes will only be as healthy as their available nutrition allows them to be. Just as humans sometimes need to take vitamins and supplements to make up for nutrients lacking in their diet, microbes can sometimes benefit from a healthy nutritional supplement, too. Such is Bionetix® MICRO 14, a special blend of 14+ ingredients including minerals, vitamins, and microbial growth elements. MICRO 14™ can be used to stimulate the activity of existing microorganisms as well as those that have been added via bioaugmentation, thus speeding up beneficial natural processes in a variety of environments.

MICRO 14™ for Agriculture
While some commercial fertilizers have a few minerals in addition to nitrogen and phosphorous, none of them contain all of the compounds (such as cofactors and vitamins) that bacteria require for complete growth. In contrast, MICRO 14™ contains a full range of micronutrients, as well as cometabolites, natural growth factors, vitamins, and key amino acids to promote excellent growth. The health of soil microbes directly affects the health of the soil as microorganisms break down organic materials to improve the overall condition of the soil and, in turn, the health of the crops growing therein.

Manure and Compost Management
MICRO 14™ can also be used around the farm in manure pits and compost heaps. These waste materials are collected and left to decay into nutrient rich fertilizer and soil amendments. However, sometimes the decomposition process needs an extra boost. MICRO 14™ can help stimulate microbes in compost or manure to biodegrade the waste more quickly and potentially with less odor, especially if used in conjunction with bioaugmentation.

MICRO 14™ for Bioremediation
Soil bioremediation is another critical environmental cleanup process that relies on the activity of microorganisms to, for example, biodegrade hydrocarbons that have spilled or leaked into the ground. Naturally occurring microorganisms eventually degrade pollutants over a long period of time, so bioaugmentation with “good” bacteria that target petroleum waste is optimal. Adding MICRO 14™ can help these supplemental or existing bacteria be more active and get the
decontamination job done sooner by providing all the micronutrients needed for healthy microbial growth and activity.

MICRO 14™ for Enhanced Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater treatment also depends on tiny microbes to break down waste materials. Often, pre-existing bacteria is enough to do the job, but sometimes cool weather makes the microbes sluggish, or shock loading of waste material makes it difficult for the microbes to keep up with biodegradation. Once again, a good dose of MICRO 14™ can help existing or auxiliary microorganisms function more efficiently to speed up the waste treatment process in the secondary digester or lagoon system, or to stimulate biogas production.

Whatever the case may be, MICRO 14™ is a great supplement to nourish those microscopic but significant microbes constantly at work to enhance the soil, treat wastewater, and generally clean up the environment to the best of their ability.
Contact Bionetix® to discuss specific application needs:

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