NEWS ALERT: Remove Stains Easily with ECO STAIN-OFF™ Natural Stain Remover

As small as they sometimes are, stains are a nuisance and source of anxiety and embarrassment. They raise questions such as, “Will my new carpet ever be the same after the kids spilled chocolate milk on it?” or “What can I do if spaghetti sauce splatters all over my white shirt at an important business dinner?” Fortunately, Bionetix® International’s new ECO STAIN-OFF™ is here to make life easier for you by being tough on stains.

ECO STAIN-OFF™ is a biological-based stain remover that works on a variety of fabrics, textiles, and hard surfaces. It contains naturally-derived free enzymes and probiotics that attack and digest stains. It is especially effective on enzymatic stains such as blood, grass, milk, chocolate, and chocolate milk. It is also great for cleaning other soils and stains such as wine, food, dirt, greases, oils, and tomato sauces.

ECO STAIN-OFF™ is easy to use and safe on skin. Simply spray the soiled material with ECO STAIN-OFF™ and leave it to sit for a while, allowing the enzymes to work. Then rinse out by hand or wash as normal in a washing machine.

ECO STAIN-OFF™ was tested on seven different types of stains. In each case, ECO STAIN-OFF™ made a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness of the pre-stained swatches compared to those that remained untreated and unwashed. In many cases, it was difficult to even detect that the fabrics treated with ECO STAIN-OFF™ had even been stained.

In a world filled with mistakes and accidents, there are plenty of times ECO STAIN-OFF™ is needed. It can be used as both a surface stain cleaner and as a laundry pre-soak for tough stains. It is an excellent option for both home and professional laundering, custodial services, and as a pocket stain cleaner for spills or accidents away from home (e.g., at restaurants or while travelling). Contact Bionetix® to be ready next time you need to remove spaghetti, blood, ink, ketchup, or other stains naturally:!

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Sees Clear Shift Toward Probiotic Cleaners at ISSA Amsterdam

Bionetix® International’s visit to ISSA Amsterdam, May 10th-13th, was a great window into the world of cleaning technology trends. The team of six from the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Croatia saw an obvious shift toward more environmentally friendly cleaners, with a strong interest in the probiotics that Bionetix® sells. Drawing on a combined stock of six languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Croatian), the Bionetix® team was able to make many positive connections with international guests. Overall, it was a great opportunity to build relationships with current distributors and key clients.

Many attendees wanted to learn more about how Bionetix
® probiotic technologies work alone and in conjunction with traditional cleaning products. There was a special interest in HYGIEA™ and ABC Series concentrates by manufacturers and formulators looking to add biological cleaning mechanisms (bacteria and enzymes) to their products for synergy and improved sustainability. Other areas of interest were wastewater treatment, bioremediation, odor control, private labeling, food industry products, institutional cleanup, and more.

ISSA Amsterdam was also a great time to meet potential new suppliers with improved raw materials and production equipment possibilities. Furthermore, the team gained exposure to new field research that broadened its own understanding of the technology and will help to inform future business activities.

Thanks to all who stopped by the Bionetix® booth. It will be exciting to see how the industry develops as Bionetix® works to meet the needs of this intriguing shift in the cleaning paradigm!

Contact Bionetix® for more info on the technologies presented at ISSA:

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NEWS ALERT: A One Trillion Bacteria Boost for Inefficient Septic Systems

Septic tanks are great inventions for homes or commercial institutions that do not have the convenience of a municipal sewer system. However, sometimes they need an extra boost to support the naturally occurring microbial colony that powers operations. BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is a great way to add one trillion beneficial bacteria to improve the efficiency of the system, especially when threatened by the introduction of toxic chemicals.

Harnessing the Natural Decomposition Process
The whole concept of a septic system is based on natural biodegradation processes. Different types of waste in the septic tank separate into different layers—sludge, liquid effluent, and floating scum or organic material—as they biodegrade. Naturally occurring microbes help break down the papers, oils, greases, and other contaminants in the waste, converting them into clear liquid effluent that then enters the septic system’s absorption area and gradually returns to nature.

Microbial Population Setbacks
Unfortunately, the all-important microbial workforce responsible for waste digestion faces setbacks and sometimes even extermination when bleaches or root killers are used for other septic system problems. Even the daily disposal of household cleaning products or laundry soaps can challenge the health of the microbes. When too many good bacteria die off, the waste digestion process becomes less efficient and more sludge can build up, leading to more frequent pumping and unpleasant odors coming out of the septic tank and pipes.

Replenishing the Bacterial Population
When this is the case, BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is an excellent treatment for replenishing the bacterial population in a septic tank. Each tablet of BIOBOOSTER 1T™ adds one trillion beneficial bacteria to the septic system. These bacteria and bacterial enzyme strains are effective at biodegrading organic material comprised of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. As a result, BIOBOOSTER 1T™ can help reduce sludge and septic tank pumping frequency, reduce bad odors and methane, and improve pipe purification and drain seeping. The same benefits are also available when BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is used as a monthly maintenance dose. BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is also a good option to populate (start up) the system after scheduled cleaning/pumping.

A Simple but Powerful Solution
BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is a simple but powerful solution for replenishing compromised septic systems after chemical shock and continuing a healthy maintenance routine going forward. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about BIOBOOSTER 1T™ and other septic maintenance treatments:

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PRESS RELEASE: Using Natural Mechanisms to Eliminate Bad Odors

No one typically enjoys bad smells. This makes life especially difficult for anyone dealing with odor problem areas such as garbage cans, restrooms, manure pits, wastewater treatment plants, and garbage processing facilities. Sometimes, an accidental garbage spill or the rotting of a hidden substance can cause odor surprises in unexpected areas. Whether or not the problem is routine or sudden, it is important to have an odor control solution that will not only cover up bad smells but also eliminate them. Bionetix® odor control products make use of natural technologies to do exactly that and more.

Tackling Odor from Two Angles
Bionetix® odor control technologies involve two main mechanisms. One aspect is to eliminate the materials that are causing the odor. This can be done both by cleaning the surface with detergent and also by introducing beneficial microorganisms that biodegrade the odor-emitting substances and continue to work even after the initial cleaning. The second mechanism works to actually bind the odorous molecules or inhibit their activity, thus reducing the concentration of odorous compounds. Products containing these odor neutralizers can be chosen based on the primary purpose of the application: odor control, cleaning, or accelerated waste digestion.

Odor Neutralizer with Cleaning Properties
When odor control is the main concern and cleaning is a side benefit, ECO-SCENT™ is a great ready-to-use technology. This liquid odor control can be sprayed in garbage pails, inside dumpsters and garbage trucks, on carpets, on bathroom surfaces, and in laundry and fitness facilities to eliminate odors and leave behind a fresh smell. It can also be added to mop water to clean floors around urinals or other areas notorious for contaminant buildup and bad odors.

ECO-SCENT™ contains synergistic bio-strains, surfactants, nutrients, stimulants, and odor-neutralizing agents that ensure excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and greases. While beneficial bacteria in ECO-SCENT™ work to digest odor-causing compounds even after the initial application, the natural active odor neutralizing ingredient forms a complex with odor-causing organic compounds, yielding a lower concentration of these organic molecules. This readily biodegradable, non-hazardous odor neutralizer encapsulates odorous molecules such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, smoke, sweat,
and ammonia to remove bad odors and not just mask the smell. The same biotechnology is available in a pre-stabilized multiple spore blend concentrate (HYGIEA2200™) manufactured specifically for large volume accounts with formulation capabilities.

Industrial Cleaner with Odor Neutralizing Properties
HYGIEA2400™ is another multiple spore blend liquid concentrate that can be formulated into cleaning and odor control products. It also contains an odor neutralizer but is primarily designed for use in industrial cleaning applications, with odor control as a side benefit. Products made from HYGIEA2400™ can be used to clean a wide variety of organic wastes such as grease, fats, oils, starches, proteins, and cellulose while simultaneously performing efficient odor control.

Odor Control for Large Scale Waste Treatment
Wastewater treatment plants and farms that need large scale odor control but not cleaning can opt for STIMULUS. STIMULUS™ is a natural biostimulant,
surfactant, and odor control product derived from natural plant extract. It can be used to treat wastewater and agricultural waste by stimulating natural decomposition processes to work more rapidly. This naturally reduces odors by encouraging better aerobic digestion conditions and reducing the amount of waste and sludge in the system. Beyond this, STIMULUS
™ also binds ammonia and inhibits urease activity, thus decreasing the concentration of odorous compounds. STIMULUS™ can be sprayed on compost and manure piles or added directly to sludge.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors
Unpleasant odors are just that: unpleasant, with a negative impact on both employee and public relations. Bad odors can send facility or asset owners scrambling to cover up the unpleasant smells in whatever way they are able. Often this means only masking the odor without getting rid of the underlying cause, and possibly not solving the problem at all. By taking advantage of Bionetix® natural odor control mechanisms, users can eliminate odor and not just cover it up, creating a better long-term solution for both expected and unexpected odor problems. Contact us for further assistance in choosing the right technology to eliminate unpleasant odors!

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Releases Probiotic Cleaner for Garbage Disposal Maintenance!

June 6, 2022

Bionetix® is pleased to announce the release of ECO-DISPOSAL, a new foaming garbage disposal cleaner and freshener with probiotics! While standard garbage disposal cleaners often have to be used weekly to clean out the organic waste residues that can collect and produce bad kitchen drain odors, Bionetix® adds probiotics to its formula for extra, long-lasting garbage disposal maintenance power.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is a foaming cleaner and freshener that contains billions of beneficial probiotics per pouch. These probiotics wake up when in contact with water and start digesting organic waste. After the initial treatment, the probiotics cling to the garbage disposal and drain walls for ongoing long-term waste digestion and garbage disposal maintenance benefits. By continuing to digest organic residue, ECO-DISPOSAL™ helps combat drain clogging and garbage disposal odors, likely reducing garbage disposal cleaning frequency.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is easy to apply. Simply run some warm water (35- 45 °C [95-113 °F]) into an empty garbage disposal that is turned off and insert an ECO-DISPOSAL™ pouch. Next, turn on the garbage disposal for just a few seconds, allowing foam to appear. The foam will recede after turning off the water and garbage disposal. A quick rinse with water completes the process, leaving behind a fresh smell and helpful living organisms to continue waste digestion!

This new probiotic garbage disposal cleaner is great for both private homeowners and commercial food industry establishments. In addition to drain and garbage disposal maintenance, it can be used to clean and maintain septic tanks, repopulating them with a healthy microbial colony for ongoing waste digestion. Contact Bionetix® today to learn about adding ECO-DISPOSALto your garbage disposal or septic system:

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Get Ready to Put Bio-Enzyme Cleaners into Action!

April 27, 2022

What if you could use the power of nature to clean your driveways, carpets, laundry, and bathroom floors? You can with Bionetix® bio-enzyme cleaners, a “green” cleaning technology that uses the synergistic power of microorganisms, bio-enzymes, and biodegradable surfactants to clean away waste materials, stains, and odors. Here is a closer look at how they work and can benefit you.

The Power of Bio-Enzyme Cleaners
A defining characteristic of bio-enzyme cleaners is the biological activity of “good” bacteria and the enzymes they produce. Microorganisms are part of nature’s biodegradation cycle. In order to supply themselves with food and nutrients to support their basic metabolic functions, microorganisms produce enzymes that help them digest and consume wastes from the surrounding environment. This same natural mechanism adds power to the cleaning process. By incorporating nonpathogenic “good” bacteria and free enzymes into cleaning products, formulators can direct this natural digestive mechanism against wastes and stains. The action, in turn, helps with odor control by removing the source of the odor. Residual microorganisms left on the surfaces continue to penetrate and digest contaminants even after the initial cleaning.

Where Can Bio-Enzyme Cleaners Be Used?

Bio-enzyme formulations can be added to a variety of cleaning products:

  • Surface cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Laundry detergents
  • Vehicle washing fluids

Specific end uses include cleaning oil stains off concrete driveways, removing soap scum from bathroom tile, cleaning heavily stained industrial laundry, and solving odor problems on carpets and upholstery. Bio-enzyme cleaners can even be sprayed nightly into kitchen and bathroom sinks to keep drainpipes clean and clear of residual wastes and foul odors.

Bionetix® Bio-Enzymes in Many Forms
Bionetix® bio-enzymatic cleaners come in many forms to make this technology adaptable to your needs. The most straightforward options are ready-to-use (RTU) products such as ECOCLEAN-ALL™ (multipurpose cleaning of hard surfaces, fabric, and drains), ECO-WASH™ (bioenzyme cleaner for washing vehicles), and EN-Z-CLEAN™ (bio-enzymatic laundry detergent). HYGIEA™ concentrates are another option for distributors who prefer to dilute and make their own ready-to-use products. Finally, the ABC Series is ideal for formulators who want to blend a concentrated “good” bacteria base into existing cleaning products to boost the cleaning power of their own formulations.

Whatever your role as formulator, distributor, or end user, there is a bio-enzyme cleaner for you! Contact us today to try these “greener” cleaners for yourself and get ready to put the power of bio-enzymes into action:

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