NEWS ALERT: Eliminate Sports and Sweat Odors with New ECO-SCENT SPORT™!



Sports mean lots of sweat, and sweat means plenty of bad odors left behind on clothes, equipment, and lockers. Bionetix® International’s new ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is designed to eliminate these odors naturally, with or without the added benefit of a fresh fragrance.

ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is a ready-to-use odor neutralizer designed specifically to tackle sports-related odors. It can be used in standard spray bottles and sprayed directly over the odor problem area at the gym, in the locker room, in the duffel bag, or on your clothes.

In addition to masking odors with its optional fresh fragrance, ECO-SCENT SPORT™ captures odor-causing molecules at their source using two of the most powerful natural odor neutralizers. The odor control does not stop there. ECO-SCENT SPORT™ also contains beneficial bacteria for residual odor control power. These probiotics work by digesting the source of the odor: excessive sweat residue.

ECO-SCENT SPORT™ is a great odor remover spray for athletes to stow in their duffel bag, for soccer moms to pull out when the kids bring their gear home at the end of game day, or for custodians to keep on hand at sports facilities and fitness centers where an extra dose of odor control is needed. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about this new natural odor neutralizer here:

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NEWS ALERT: Looking for a ‘Greener’ Alternative to Shrink Wrap? Try EcoShrink™!

Today’s environmental perspective is forcing us to reexamine our approach to packaging. Is there a way to reduce the amount of plastic waste we are generating, especially when it comes to plastic pollution?

EcoShrink™ is one of the products that is offering answers to these questions. As a certified commercially compostable shrink wrap, it can be used as an alternative to traditional plastic shrink wrap, but with a radically different potential final destination. Rather than end up in a landfill or polluting a seashore, EcoShrink™ is designed to degrade in a commercial composting environment where organic waste is turned into soil amendment. EcoShrink™ is certified industrially compostable by TÜV Austria (#TA8012206691), confirming that it meets the EN 13432 (ASTM D6400 equivalent) standard for commercial composting.* An added green advantage is that it contains 45% biopolymers, making it a “greener” packaging option at both the beginning and end of the life cycle.

Users of EcoShrink™ can apply it like normal shrink wrap—wrapping it securely around equipment or products, padding sharp corners as necessary, and heat shrinking with a variety of shrink tools. EcoShrink™ has even been used successfully in a heat shrink tunnel by DPS Skis to unitize pairs of their high-performance skis in a sustainable packaging initiative. Creativity is one of the few limits to where EcoShrink™ can be used:
• Games
• Software
• Cosmetics
• Luggage
• Books
• Building supplies
• And more!

Next time you need shrink film, ask yourself if the application could use a “greener” packaging option that takes the beginning and end of the product life cycle into account. If so, contact Cortec® to learn more about EcoShrink™:

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* Check locally to see if such a facility exists in your community and if they will accept this product. Not suitable for backyard composting.

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Probiotic Cleaners Stand Out at ISSA 2022!

Amid growing interest in “green” cleaning technology, Bionetix® International stood out as only one of a few companies offering probiotic cleaners at the ISSA North America show, October 10th-13th in Chicago. This major convention for cleaning professionals drew a variety of cleaning product distributors, custodians, and hotel and restaurant cleaning/maintenance service providers to the booth to learn more about Bionetix® biotechnology.


Cliff Cracauer (Sales & Marketing EVP), Tonya Decterov (Technical Sales Rep), and Mathias Benitez (Lab Manager) were on hand to introduce two of our newest products at the booth, along with Bionetix® standbys such as BIOBLOC22™, ECO-DRAIN™, and HYGIEA™ concentrates. Attendees were especially interested in Bionetix® grease trap treatments, manufacturer’s concentrates, and new ECO-CLEANALL TABS™.

Reflecting on the event, Tonya noted that “More and more companies want to choose green technology and [are] start[ing] to understand what role beneficial probiotics can play in cleaning[.] [They] see [them] as a good alternative to regular cleaners/disinfectants.” Tonya said significant discussions also centered on saving energy and using less plastic in product packaging. While these ISSA 2022 interactions will be a great starting point for future conversations, they are also expected to inform Bionetix® R&D decisions in the near future. Stay tuned for upcoming products that address some of these concerns!

Contact Bionetix® to learn more about our probiotic cleaners:

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NEWS ALERT: Bionetix® Releases Probiotic Cleaner for Garbage Disposal Maintenance!

June 6, 2022

Bionetix® is pleased to announce the release of ECO-DISPOSAL, a new foaming garbage disposal cleaner and freshener with probiotics! While standard garbage disposal cleaners often have to be used weekly to clean out the organic waste residues that can collect and produce bad kitchen drain odors, Bionetix® adds probiotics to its formula for extra, long-lasting garbage disposal maintenance power.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is a foaming cleaner and freshener that contains billions of beneficial probiotics per pouch. These probiotics wake up when in contact with water and start digesting organic waste. After the initial treatment, the probiotics cling to the garbage disposal and drain walls for ongoing long-term waste digestion and garbage disposal maintenance benefits. By continuing to digest organic residue, ECO-DISPOSAL™ helps combat drain clogging and garbage disposal odors, likely reducing garbage disposal cleaning frequency.

ECO-DISPOSAL™ is easy to apply. Simply run some warm water (35- 45 °C [95-113 °F]) into an empty garbage disposal that is turned off and insert an ECO-DISPOSAL™ pouch. Next, turn on the garbage disposal for just a few seconds, allowing foam to appear. The foam will recede after turning off the water and garbage disposal. A quick rinse with water completes the process, leaving behind a fresh smell and helpful living organisms to continue waste digestion!

This new probiotic garbage disposal cleaner is great for both private homeowners and commercial food industry establishments. In addition to drain and garbage disposal maintenance, it can be used to clean and maintain septic tanks, repopulating them with a healthy microbial colony for ongoing waste digestion. Contact Bionetix® today to learn about adding ECO-DISPOSALto your garbage disposal or septic system:

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NEWS ALERT: Join Us in Welcoming Kevin Fox to Bionetix® International!

Bionetix® International is happy to have a new team member on board as the demand for our biological product lines continues to grow! Kevin Fox joined Bionetix® International this summer as an Inside Sales & Customer Service Representative. Since then, Kevin has been busy providing customer support at Cortec’s biotechnology subsidiary branch in Montreal, Canada. In addition to overseeing order entry and follow-up, Kevin will also be responsible for distributing product literature and coordinating samples for customers who want to try Bionetix® products.

Kevin comes to Bionetix® with a well-rounded background in business management, marketing, and sales. He held numerous positions during his successful 15-year career in the animal health pharmaceutical industry. In his current shift from pharmaceuticals to probiotics, Kevin is impressed with the extensive diversity of Bionetix’s product line (e.g., wastewater treatmentbioremediationagricultural, and cleaning products). He commented, “I am fascinated how probiotics and good bacteria play a major role in the production of our products . . . that are non-hazardous to humans, animals and the environment. An excellent alternative to harsh chemicals.”

Kevin speaks both French and English. He looks forward to providing great service and support to customer needs and requirements at Bionetix® International. Send him your questions or just a note of welcome here at [email protected]!


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PRESS RELEASE: Discover the Probiotic Cleaning Power of EN-ZKLEAN™ Ultra Laundry Detergent!

Bionetix® International is pleased to announce the introduction of EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra, a new probiotic laundry detergent concentrate that is more stain-specific and versatile than previous versions of EN-Z-KLEAN™! This improved industrial strength laundry detergent adds the power of probiotics to an already-effective enzyme laundry detergent for enhanced cleaning power and ongoing laundry system maintenance benefits.

What Is EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra?

EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra is a versatile enzyme-based liquid detergent that can be used in industrial and commercial laundry applications. It offers outstanding cleaning and stain removal power at cold and warm temperatures up to 65 °C (149 °F). It can be used as-is to target very heavy stains in industrial applications (presoak). It may also be diluted for resale as a ready-to-use commercial laundry detergent or diluted onsite by the end-user.

Natural Cleaning Power

Enzymes and probiotics enhance EN-ZKLEAN™ Ultra with natural cleaning power. Free enzymes target and digest
specific stains that are common in heavily soiled laundry. When used as a presoak, a healthy supply of good bacteria in EN-ZKLEAN™ Ultra also awaken and add their stain digesting and cleaning power to the equation. Better yet, while EN-ZKLEAN™ Ultra is tough on waste, it is gentle on nature. It is phosphate-free and produced with ingredients that are readily biodegradable and do not harm fabrics or hands.

Ongoing Probiotic Benefits

The probiotic benefits of EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra continue even after laundering is done. When these beneficial bacteria enter drains, septic tanks, and wastewater systems, they can continue digesting contaminants, helping keep the wastewater disposal system in balance. Unlike some bleaches and strong chemical detergents that may shock a septic system and slow the biodegradation of waste, EN-Z-KLEAN™ can actually improve septic and wastewater conditions and make the process more efficient. Probiotics that linger and stay adhered to surfaces in the washing machine basin also have potential residual cleaning and maintenance benefits on the laundry equipment itself.

Economical and Versatile

In addition to its cleaning benefits, EN-ZKLEAN™ Ultra offers users and commercial laundry detergent suppliers the economical advantages and flexibility of shipping and storing a concentrated product that takes up less space than a ready-to-use (RTU) detergent. Commercial laundry soap suppliers can dilute EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra 1:4 or 1:3 with water and resell it as a liquid gel detergent, or commercial laundry facilities can buy the concentrate in bulk for the flexibility of diluting EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra to the desired strength needed for specific loads or extra tough stains.

Take Advantage of EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra Cleaning Power!

Whether for commercial laundry detergent suppliers or end users, EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra offers exceptional benefits by harnessing the technology of nature for ultra cleaning power in the washing machine and beyond. Contact Bionetix® International to learn more:

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