The sludge collected from wastewater at a Southern Ontario meat packing plant was causing odor and handling problems. The sludge was thick and hard by the time it had to be emptied each week from the holding tank, and neighbors complained about the odors resulting from pumping. To address the problem, the plant emptied the tank and then began a continuous feed of diluted STIMULUS™ and a daily dose of BCP80™ into the sludge before it reached the tank. Water was drained out of the tank two to three times per week until the water was no longer clear.

The tank did not require pumping for three weeks after the treatment started. When it did occur, the sludge was much easier to handle. Odor significantly improved and neighbors stopped complaining about the smell. The entire year’s treatment paid for itself in just a few months by reducing hauling costs. Odor reduction also had the unmeasurable benefits of reducing manpower and increasing goodwill in public relations with the surrounding area.

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Keywords: sludge reduction, odor reduction, meat packing plant, odor problems, sludge problems, Bionetix, wastewater, public relations

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