ecoclean-Bucket with cleaning items with modern kitchen and background. Washing brush and spray set with copy space.


Product Description

HYGIEA2401™ is a five-in-one probiotic cleaner/ odor neutralizer concentrate for more efficient cleaning and deodorization. HYGIEA2401™ fights, controls, and eliminates bad odors (1) physically, by encapsulating molecules that cause bad odors; (2) chemically, by binding substances that cause bad odors; (3) biologically, by degrading and digesting organic odor-causing molecules; (4) thoroughly, by tackling the source of the smell and cleaning it off with strong, biodegradable detergents; and (5) pleasantly, by covering malodors immediately with specially-formulated long-lasting fragrances. HYGIEA2401™ is manufactured specifically for large volume accounts with formulation capabilities.

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