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Bionetix® International is excited to introduce its newest probiotic waste-digesting deodorizing concentrate: ABC 9000™! This new water-soluble probiotic powder concentrate is designed for manufacturers to use as an additive in formulating a wide range of products. With its multi-spore bacteria blend, ABC 9000™ is effective in numerous applications where it is necessary to remove wastes/stains or control and mask odors.

The non-pathogenic bacillus blend of ABC 9000™ attacks a variety of complex organic compounds and digests them, helping remove stains and odor-producing compounds. For further odor control, formulators can choose from ABC 9000™ in a pine, floral, or custom fragrance to mask unpleasant odors. ABC 9000™ also comes in a wide selection of colors—light green, blue, pink, off-white, or custom—for better aesthetic blending with the final product:

  • Cat litter
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Powder and liquid laundry detergents
  • Deodorizers (e.g., odor control powder or solids)
  • And other water-soluble cleaners!

As a powder concentrate, ABC 9000™ also offers an economical approach to formulating probiotic products. Possible formulation scenarios include the following:

  • A manufacturer wants to create a new self-deodorizing cat litter product that not only masks odors from the cat box but also keeps them under control by helping digest some of the waste materials. The manufacturer chooses a preferred fragrance and color of ABC 9000™ and adds the powder to the cat litter formula for improved cat box maintenance.
  • A formulator wants to design a probiotic carpet cleaner that will tackle stains and remove odors from food spills or other soils. The formulator adds ABC 9000™ powder to the cleaner for deep-cleaning and deodorizing power along with a fresh pine or lavender smell.
  • A laundry detergent company wants a probiotic detergent for washing clothes with heavy stains and odors. They select a custom fragrance of ABC 9000™, add the probiotic blend to the detergent, and market the final product for heavy-duty industrial laundering.

Many similar options exist for formulators who need to add a probiotic boost to their cleaning or deodorizing product. ABC 9000™ offers formulators flexibility while harnessing the technology of nature for enhanced product effectiveness. As a 1 billion CFU/g powder product, a little ABC 9000™ goes a long way to maximize storage space and cleaning/odor control power! Contact Bionetix® to learn more about ABC 9000™:

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