While many of us mainly think of starch in connection with food, this complex carbohydrate has more industrial uses than we often realize. A critical key to unlocking its benefits is amylase, an enzyme that breaks starch into smaller molecules for further use or removal. Due to the widespread use and benefits of amylase, Bionetix® is pleased to introduce ECL1000™ as the second in its new line of liquid enzyme concentrates.


How Does ECL1000™ Work?

ECL1000™ is a high efficiency amylase enzyme produced by non-pathogenic bacteria. It breaks starches into low molecular weight fermentable sugars such as glucose or dextrin. This process creates smaller components that serve as critical building blocks for other products or which can be more easily digested as a food source. The same process can be used to remove starch molecules where they are no longer wanted. Amylase has been in use for centuries, and today, its benefits extend to the following industries:

• Food and beverage production
• Feed manufacturing
• Ethanol production
• Textile finishing
• Laundry

Simplifying Starch for Further Use

In the food and beverage industry, starch breakdown with ECL1000™ can be used to improve the texture of baked goods and clarify beverages. This ability to break down starch also makes ECL1000™ a good choice as either a pretreatment for animal feed or a feed additive to help livestock get the most out of substances that may be difficult for them to fully digest. Because ECL1000™ helps convert starch into fermentable sugars, it is essential for ethanol production, which relies heavily on starch due to pricing and availability.

Removing Starch

In some applications, starch is only desired temporarily or not at all. When this is the case, ECL1000 comes in handy for its ability to remove starchy substances. For instance, the textile industry uses starch to strengthen fabrics during weaving and sizing but must remove it later. ECL1000™ provides the liquefaction needed to loosen the starch so it can be carried away. Amylase performs a similar function in many laundry detergents, where it is used to enhance stain removal. ECL1000™ can therefore be a good addition to detergents or stain removal products because of its ability to digest starchy substances that attract dirt, and because it can directly target starchy stains from cocoa, gravy, potatoes, and other high starch foods. 

Unlock Your Manufacturing Potential

Starch is an important raw material that touches many parts of our everyday lives and represents a major source of renewable energy. However, its potential cannot fully be tapped without the ability to simplify its complex structure. ECL1000™ is one key to unlock that door to better starch utilization and removal. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about ECL1000 for starch liquefaction.

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