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October 27, 2021

Restaurants, cafeterias, and other food-processing facilities often face grease trap maintenance challenges. Too much fat buildup can lead to bad smells, clogged drains, and even fines for exceeding acceptable BOD or FOG (fat, oil, grease) discharge levels. Bionetix® International offers a biological solution for keeping the fat in check and grease traps under control with ECO-TRAP™.

ECO-TRAP™ is a grease trap treatment containing specialty additives that loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, thereby speeding up their degradation. ECO-TRAP™ reduces oil and fat accumulation, prevents emergency blockages, and reduces BOD and bad odors. ECO-TRAP™ contains biological nutrients and stimulants that boost the natural bacterial population to form a larger colony. The more beneficial bacteria are present, the more power is available to break down the fats, oils, and greases filling up the grease trap.

Keeping grease trap contents under control helps facilities avoid a variety of nuisances:

• Mechanical Problems: Scum buildup is reduced, pipe drainage is improved, and emergency blockages or grease trap overflows are avoided.
• Compliance Problems: Facilities having trouble meeting BOD or FOG requirements in their waste discharge can bring these down to an acceptable level to avoid fines and fees.
• Odor Problems: Reducing the amount of fat in the grease trap can get rid of bad odors that are offensive to workers and customers.

ECO-TRAP™ comes in three different forms to meet the user’s preference. ECO-TRAP™ L is a liquid version that is typically users’ number one choice because of automatic metering. It can be added manually to the grease trap, but it is often injected automatically with the aid of a pump like those used for restaurant dishwashers. This cuts down on the manual labor of daily application. If manual labor is not a concern, users can apply ECO-TRAP™ P, a powder version packaged in water-soluble packets that can be added directly to the grease trap in just a few minutes at the end of the day. Still, some users prefer the ECO-TRAP™ BLOC, which contains biological nutrients and stimulants in a slow-release bloc form that can be added directly to a less turbulent (but not dead) area of the grease trap for extended treatment.

There are a variety of potential users that stand to benefit from ECO-TRAP™. Restaurants and food courts are especially good candidates, as are food processing factories. One excellent example of solving fat and grease buildup problems comes from a fish canning factory that operated 24/7.Their grease trap was so overloaded that the water was completely obscured with a layer of fat. The severity of the problem may have been due to the use of seawater in factory processes slowing the digestion of fats due to high chloride content. In spite of this, just two months after applying ECOTRAP™ in conjunction with BCP22™ (a similar, extra strength treatment for FOG), the water surface had cleared up by 70%, leaving only 30% covered by a fat layer. In another case, a starch factory was able to dramatically reduce TSS and BOD5 levels in just two weeks by adding ECOTRAP™ and BCP22™ to the drain.

Grease traps can be a catch-all for many fat-related problems. Regular use of ECO-TRAP™ helps dissipate these problems so restaurants and food courts can focus on delivering nourishment to people instead of chasing drain clogging and odor problems.

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