Healthy microbial activity is one important key to a healthy environment. Microbes are an important part of the biodegradation process that breaks down waste materials into harmless substances or improves the richness of organic material for plant growth. However, these microbes will only be as healthy as their available nutrition allows them to be. Just as humans sometimes need to take vitamins and supplements to make up for nutrients lacking in their diet, microbes can sometimes benefit from a healthy nutritional supplement, too. Such is Bionetix® MICRO 14, a special blend of 14+ ingredients including minerals, vitamins, and microbial growth elements. MICRO 14™ can be used to stimulate the activity of existing microorganisms as well as those that have been added via bioaugmentation, thus speeding up beneficial natural processes in a variety of environments.

MICRO 14™ for Agriculture
While some commercial fertilizers have a few minerals in addition to nitrogen and phosphorous, none of them contain all of the compounds (such as cofactors and vitamins) that bacteria require for complete growth. In contrast, MICRO 14™ contains a full range of micronutrients, as well as cometabolites, natural growth factors, vitamins, and key amino acids to promote excellent growth. The health of soil microbes directly affects the health of the soil as microorganisms break down organic materials to improve the overall condition of the soil and, in turn, the health of the crops growing therein.

Manure and Compost Management
MICRO 14™ can also be used around the farm in manure pits and compost heaps. These waste materials are collected and left to decay into nutrient rich fertilizer and soil amendments. However, sometimes the decomposition process needs an extra boost. MICRO 14™ can help stimulate microbes in compost or manure to biodegrade the waste more quickly and potentially with less odor, especially if used in conjunction with bioaugmentation.

MICRO 14™ for Bioremediation
Soil bioremediation is another critical environmental cleanup process that relies on the activity of microorganisms to, for example, biodegrade hydrocarbons that have spilled or leaked into the ground. Naturally occurring microorganisms eventually degrade pollutants over a long period of time, so bioaugmentation with “good” bacteria that target petroleum waste is optimal. Adding MICRO 14™ can help these supplemental or existing bacteria be more active and get the
decontamination job done sooner by providing all the micronutrients needed for healthy microbial growth and activity.

MICRO 14™ for Enhanced Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater treatment also depends on tiny microbes to break down waste materials. Often, pre-existing bacteria is enough to do the job, but sometimes cool weather makes the microbes sluggish, or shock loading of waste material makes it difficult for the microbes to keep up with biodegradation. Once again, a good dose of MICRO 14™ can help existing or auxiliary microorganisms function more efficiently to speed up the waste treatment process in the secondary digester or lagoon system, or to stimulate biogas production.

Whatever the case may be, MICRO 14™ is a great supplement to nourish those microscopic but significant microbes constantly at work to enhance the soil, treat wastewater, and generally clean up the environment to the best of their ability.
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