Soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons is a widespread health and environmental concern. Cleanup methods can be complicated, expensive, and sometimes harmful to the environment. Bionetix® International offers a friendlier path via bioremediation with its new BCP35S™ Premium, an upgraded version of BCP35S™ that enhances cleanup and specifically targets PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).


The Widespread Problem of Soil Contamination

Since petroleum hydrocarbons play such a major role in today’s economy, it is not surprising to encounter widespread soil contamination. Pipeline oil spills, leaky gas station tanks, and various industrial activities make hydrocarbon pollution common. Often, landowners are faced with the need to clean up contamination that took place years ago. New construction sites may need soil rehabilitation where gas stations once stood. Even landfills may need to be reclaimed from contaminated soil disposal. Remediation is important both for the restoration of the ecosystem and to minimize corporate pollution liability.

Bioremediation in Action

BCP35S™ opens the door to the exciting benefits of bioremediation. BCP35S™ contains highly specialized microorganisms that degrade a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and other petroleum products), thus reducing their environmental impact. It is suitable for many different soils and varying levels of contamination. For even better targeted bioremediation of soil contaminated with PAH, Bionetix® has designed BCP35S™ Premium, which includes fungi and a higher percentage of special bacteria for enhanced performance. It was designed for a company performing ex situ bioremediation on soils that showed higher PAH compared to previous specimens. Laboratory testing with BCP35S™ Premium caused the PAH levels in the soil to drop significantly from 102.446 mg/kg to 17.264 mg/kg after 60 days. At the end of 90 days, this had dropped even lower to 0.212 mg/kg.

Benefits of Bioremediation

Use of BCP35S™ Premium can potentially reduce costs of contaminated soil cleanup and disposal by eliminating the need for excavation and extreme cleanup measures. Rather than excavating the contaminated ground, sending it to a landfill, and replacing it with new dirt, soil cleanup services can perform bioremediation onsite, eliminating unnecessary costs for new soil and hauling services. Bioremediation is among the most environmentally attractive options because it cleans the soil for further use instead of throwing it away, solidifying it into a block, or incinerating it. It does not require special equipment as for vapor extraction. The process can be performed in situ or ex situ, allowing greater flexibility for the landowner and remediation service.

Get Started on Enhanced Soil Remediation

Hydrocarbon pollution is widespread, demanding viable solutions for owners of contaminated land. Bioremediation with BCP35S™ Premium offers enhanced contaminant degradation, promoting soil health and ecosystem restoration. It also offers cost benefits and minimizes pollution liability for those who are stuck with the job of cleanup. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about getting started with enhanced bioremediation on contaminated soil.

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