Interest in Bionetix® bioaugmentation technology is increasing in Latin America! The main focus has stayed on grease trap and wastewater treatments for high FOG (fats, oils, greases) applications and URINAL BLOCKS, FIZZY-TAB, and ECO-SEPT™ for institutional maintenance. However, existing distributors are branching out into wastewater treatments that go beyond food industry needs. This trend is especially noticeable in Guatemala and Chile. Overall product sales in Latin America have increased, and probiotics for livestock are getting more attention. POULTRY-FEED™ has been sold in Latin America for the first time, and there are signs of interest in AQUA-FEED, as well.

In addition to expanding product volume and type, our reach has also grown to include new countries. Bionetix® solutions are now available in the following regions of Latin America:

  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico

Currently, two additional enterprises are looking at distribution opportunities, including private labeling of wastewater bioaugmentation treatments in multiple
Latin America countries. The need for such technology is great, considering the wastewater challenges faced by a large percentage of Latin America. Bionetix
bioaugmentation is an excellent way to support existing wastewater treatment systems and help implement new infrastructure to bring wastewater into
balance and minimize the pollution of waterways. In addition, institutional maintenance products, bio-enzyme cleaners, and natural livestock/agriculture
enhancements are always exciting technologies to explore!

If you are in Latin America and have an interest in either distributing or using Bionetix® biological treatments, contact us to get connected with the right

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