Almost everyone enjoys seeing lush green grass, especially on their own property. One of the drawbacks is that this typically involves routine application of weed killers and synthetic fertilizers. While the aesthetic results look beautiful, the treatment rarely makes lawn owners feel better about their contribution to the environment. Bionetix® changes the whole picture with its natural fertilizers for healthier grass.

How Can You Get a Better Lawn Naturally?

Bionetix® natural lawn treatments harness the biological processes already existing in nature to improve grass health and turf vigor in several ways:

  • Improving water and nutrient absorption
  • Fertilizing the soil with naturally derived nutrients
  • Enhancing the overall growing environment
  • Adding beneficial microorganisms that enrich the soil via better debris decomposition

All these aspects work together to create a healthier grass root and plant even in stressed conditions. Two naturally-derived products in particular combine to make a great turf vigor support team.

ECO-TURF™ + ORGANIC PLUS™ = A Great Lawncare Team!

ECO-TURF™ ORGANIC PLUS™ are similar in many ways, but also different. Both contain humic and fulvic acids, which promote a healthy growing environment and good nutrient absorption. Both ECO-TURF™ and ORGANIC PLUS™ add nutrients to the soil to nourish the grass. Both contain natural surfactants that work as wetting agents to promote the uptake and efficient use of water even in dry conditions, thus reducing the stress of drought on plants. Altogether, these characteristics enhance root formation and plant growth by giving the grass the resources it needs to thrive.

ECO-TURF™ has an added advantage in that it contains 75 million CFU/g of beneficial bacteria that work as a microbial powerhouse to improve the condition of the soil. This “biofertilizer” promotes the decomposition of debris in the soil, making the soil richer and promoting more vigorous turf through bioaugmentation. ORGANIC PLUS™ is an excellent companion to support the process by providing additional nutrients and biostimulants that enhance bacterial activity, encourage the uptake of nutrients, and deliver other natural benefits to the soil and grass. ECO-TURF™ and ORGANIC PLUS™ can be used separately to naturally support lawn health, but they are even more powerful as a lawncare team together.

Who Can Benefit from Natural Lawn Amendments?

There are many potential people and places that can benefit from these two naturally derived lawn treatments. Professional lawn care companies can please their clients –  homeowners, businesses, and housing associations – by promoting healthy, vigorous grass. They can also have the upper hand on other lawn care service providers by emphasizing their reliance on natural treatment methods that may reduce the need for other chemicals. Sod farms stand to benefit by promoting a more vigorous, thicker crop with balanced growth. The same technologies can be used at the golf course on greens, fairways, or in the rough where lush grass is an integral part of the golfing experience. Even those tasked with sports fields maintenance can help the soccer or football field thrive by choosing these natural lawn amendments. The products are simple to apply by mixing with water and spraying thoroughly over the grass. ORGANIC PLUS™ should be applied every five days. ECO-TURF™ should be applied every two to four weeks and can be used in both warm and cool seasons.

It’s Time to Improve Turf Vigor

With ORGANIC PLUS™ and ECOTURF, there is essentially no reason why you cannot make the grass greener on your side of the fence. Even better, with the support of these two products, you can do so naturally and feel good about what you are putting into the environment. Contact Bionetix® today for further assistance to get the grass growing greener on your side of the fence:

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