Deciding to use biological technologies to clean up is a great first step in choosing a “greener” path to waste treatment and environmental or institutional cleanup. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. A tailored approach is the best path to success because it tackles contaminants more directly and efficiently to make the most of your treatment efforts. The following questions will help you choose the right prescription for your application.

Question 1: What Industry Do You Work In?
Bionetix® biotechnologies are versatile enough to cover a broad range of industries:

  • Waste Treatment
  • Industrial & Institutional Clean Solutions
  • Agricultural Treatments
  • Animal Feed
  • And more!

Each industry has its own common waste and cleanup problems with a range of specialized biological treatments already in place from which to choose.

Question 2: What Is the Main Problem?
Is your grease trap overflowing? Are your drains clogged? Is your wastewater system out of balance? Are you looking for odor control solutions? Identifying the main problem will help your Bionetix® representative understand the situation and narrow down the type of treatment and product format needed.

Question 3: What Kind of Contaminants Are You Dealing with?
This question is especially important because of the nature of bioaugmentation, which involves adding “good” bacteria to speed up the decomposition of wastes in the target application. Some bacteria are better at producing enzymes that digest oils and greases, and others are better at digesting starches or specific chemicals. For example, if you are dealing with industrial waste from a chemical company, you may want to choose a product like BCP11™ that is suited to target chemical waste. If you are treating manure, you will probably want BCP80™. When cleaning hard surfaces, BCL5000™ is the best choice for cleaning up hydrocarbons, while ECOCLEAN-ALL™ is better for organic fats, oils, and greases. Many more product offerings exist correlated to specific types of industrial contaminants.

Question 4: Do You Want a Ready-to-Use (RTU) Product or a Concentrate?
In many situations, it is easier for distributors and end users to simply order Bionetix® biologicals in final RTU form. However, if you are a product formulator or have other shipping or application parameters to take into consideration, a concentrate could be the best option. Choosing the right Bionetix® prescription is an important decision to make, and we are here to help. Contact us to discuss the answers to these questions and make the right prescription for your application:

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