All-natural processes

Environmental biotechnology is not a new field. The use of microorganisms for composting and wastewater treatment has been around for many years.

Biotechnology can be used to assess the well-being of ecosystems, transform pollutants into benign substances, generate biodegradable materials from renewable sources, and develop environmentally safe manufacturing and disposal processes.

Microorganisms are nature's original recyclers. Their capability to transform natural and synthetic chemicals into sources of energy and raw materials for their own growth proves that expensive chemicals or physical remediation processes can be replaced or supplemented with biological processes that are lower in cost and more environmently acceptable.

As time has gone on new developments in ecology and environmental engineering has offered Bionetix new methods in producing microorganisms. The microorganisms used in the Bionetix line of products are more efficient and degrade more complex chemicals along with higher volumes of waste materials.

Bioremediation and Bioaugmentation is a emerging approach to rehabilitating areas contaminated by pollutants or otherwise damaged through ecosystem mismanagement.